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A Time for Great Celebration!

Posted: March 15, 2010 in In The Neck

The Shunt is Gone!!!!

Life without an annoying tube in one’s neck is so much nicer!


Stitches and such will remain until next monday or so, but who cares? The shunt is gone!

Phreak is contemplative for me, since, well, I cannot move my head and stuff.

So the random Monday Mornin’ bits…

In the Typical File:  Radical Feminists get pissy and hostile when those lousy fuckin’ sex workers dare to speak for themselves and have opinions of their own and get testy with erronous universals.  How the fuck dare they expect to be seen as human beings worthy of the same basic respect and consideration as other people?  Stupid whores.  I find it fuckin’ funny when this squid mentions dignity considering her own apparent sadism and arrogance.  Then again, I gotta a grim sense of humor.  So yeah, Other Sex Worker types who read here? -Jill, Aspasia, Hexy, so on- just remember- you do not exist and your own take on your own life and what not mean jack and shit, because the Rad Fems say so, and they are just sooo smart and all!

In the Life as it is File:  Had fun Saturday evening hanging out with some friends, eating, drinking, listening to music and otherwise being mellow and merry.  It was pretty keen.  Sorta an all gals and one guy hang out night in my basement- where fruity adult beverages were consumed by everyone but me (I avoided pain killers and drank beer instead) and snacks were had.  Not a bad way to spend an evening in that mellow kinda way.

In the Neck:  Should all go according to plan, this infernal shunt will be removed tomorrow and there will be much rejoycing throughout the land.  I am pretty much done with having this thing hangin’ out of my neck.   Oh, and the whole deal?  Still not all that painful, but still itchy as hell. 

In Gamer Geek Wonderfulness:  Levelled Rictor this eve, he is gettin’ closer and closer to 50.  Woot.  I really do like playing him- prolly one of my favorite characters, and certainly in my top three favorite villains.

Other bits: I have done a ton of laundry in the last few days…amazing how much laundry humans rack up I swear.   Some interesting thoughts about skater Johnny Weir.

I have watched a whole lotta southpark in the last few days…being from CO adds a whole level of funny to that show.
time to do some fiction writing.

* EDIT  :  It would seem the person I got all pissy with about sex work is a former sex worker herself…which is to say this is me saying wow I fucked that shit up and she is owed an appology for my assumption she had never done the job.  I was wrong, she has, and thus, well yeah, I was wrong.  I still do not like universal terms, but I never will.