Surgery One- Done!

Posted: March 11, 2010 in In The Neck

Yep, tis over, chillin’ on the couch with a big ass whiplash collar on, a shunt in my neck and all that good stuff.  Surgery went well, but guess what?  Guess who WOKE UP on the table while they were putting the staples in?  That’s right!  Me!  It didn’t hurt (the pain stuff was still flowin’), but yep, eyes open, talking to the OR staff, AWAKE.  I could tell the staples were cold, but no pain so that is good  🙂  … I wonder if on the next (could be lookin’ at one or two more of these) one they will, er, up the sleepy dose…

Heh, and I am still a Pretty Pretty Princess (grins at Kim), and shunts in the neck are totally HAWT!

  1. Gaina says:

    Glad you’re doing ok :). The tiara sets off your collar perfectly 😉

  2. Outis says:

    Glad to see that you made it through OK. If you don’t mind the question, what are the shunts for? Oh, and the tiara is a nice touch!

  3. Carson D Carson says:

    Looks like someone put a huge damn in front of your face in an attempt to shut you up. *snicker*

    I’m glad you have lived through this one. Nice tiara. Wasn’t aware the GER was also a pretty princess…. *immedeately ducks for cover*

  4. Amber Rhea says:

    Guess who WOKE UP on the table while they were putting the staples in? That’s right! Me!

    Oh my GAWD, Ren! Glad you didn’t feel any pain!

  5. Rorshack says:

    It looks good on you…do they have different colors?

  6. Ernest Greene says:

    I’ll bet those doctors will be talking about you for a while.

    Seriously glad to see you looking so chipper.

  7. Ren says:

    lol the whole staff today was in love with me I think, because I was so mellow and chipper, apparently. I realize that folk who work in medicine take a shit load of abuse, which you know, they are the ones with the knives in needles? So I figure it is best to be very nice 🙂

  8. TrinityVA says:

    Late responding to this, but glad you’re OK. Best of luck with the healing & I hope it doesn’t itch like fuck for TOO long.

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