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Surgery One- Done!

Posted: March 11, 2010 in In The Neck

Yep, tis over, chillin’ on the couch with a big ass whiplash collar on, a shunt in my neck and all that good stuff.  Surgery went well, but guess what?  Guess who WOKE UP on the table while they were putting the staples in?  That’s right!  Me!  It didn’t hurt (the pain stuff was still flowin’), but yep, eyes open, talking to the OR staff, AWAKE.  I could tell the staples were cold, but no pain so that is good  🙂  … I wonder if on the next (could be lookin’ at one or two more of these) one they will, er, up the sleepy dose…

Heh, and I am still a Pretty Pretty Princess (grins at Kim), and shunts in the neck are totally HAWT!