Posted: March 3, 2010 in Gaming

Okay, as you all know, I am a devoted fan of the game City of Heroes/Villains.   It is my oh so full of win addiction.  I have and will always have a special place in my heart for assault rifle blasters/corruptors and brutes…however, for those of us who preordered “going Rouge”, they have tempted us and treated us with the coolness that is….dual pistols.  That’s right…2 gun mojo!

I immediately made up a hero dual pistol alt for the Suicide Kings, but then went to play a different alt with Vlad who was giving his 2 gun Mojo villain a test run.  I could not wait.  I had to go make a villain one too, so I have 2 gun mojo on both sides of the line of good and evil as it were.   The level of FUN with this set is full of awesome.  It’s fast, it looks damn cool, there is this whole “Matrix” vibe goin’ on… so while yes, I will always love AR and Brutes…this 2 gun mojo thing is pretty damn cool…

Though I did laugh that in swarms of new two gun mojo characters I saw tonight, I saw like a billion Lara Croft and Selene from Underworld rip offs.  My villain there, Union Jacky, is a Brit Professional who is totally into the villainy for the money.  The “hero”  (face it, all the Suicide Kings are creepy as fuck)  is called (sticking with the Suicide King Military Op theme) “Tailwind” and looks like a very spooky Fed.  Sigh.  I sorta suck at making heroic heroes.

  1. Rorshack says:

    Made a Corruptor…”Hold-Out”…looks cool gonna go play him a bit

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