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“Chemical Halo”- by Chem Lab

Chemical halo burning bright
In a sodium haze,
All meaning is lost,
But this confusion remains.
I’m going to tear myself apart
If i can’t get myself together,
And spread my pieces around like waste
And give my gift of stormy weather.
Every time i move i feel like something’s broken.
Every time i laugh i feel like maybe i’m choking.
I know you’d laugh too,
But it’s not the funny anymore.

I kissed the floor on my way down,
A match head burning out on the frozen ground.

I just want to thank every one of you
For all the things that you don’t do,
For the stab in the back
For the kick in the face
For the pain in the neck
And all the shame and disgrace
For the spit in the eye
And all the things you say,
And all the head games you play.

For the agony and the parody
For the pain infliction and drug addiction,
You give them so much strength
When you show you’re weak,
Please don’t rattle your chains
It’s better when you’re meek.
Here comes another bad trip
Another life of no sleep
Another storm in the dark.
With the sky pouring down
Every creature will drown.
This time there will be no noah’s arc!
“see you in hell!”


In Remeberance…

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Personal

Last week, a friend of mine died.  He was 35,and dropped of  a massive coronary.

Even for a nihilist, that is too young. 

He helped me (as a jew) coin the phrase “jews invented guilt, catholics perfected it”

Tonight was our send off to him.

It was emotional, but fun, which is what I think he would have wanted.  He would have LAUGHED at watching a dude we both know stuck between two ex- GF’s.  He would have LAUGHED at me being the only girl on and knocking a 6’3 inch goth over on the dance floor to “so what”.  He would have loved the toasts, the tears, the grins, the people who have not seen each other in years coming out and talking.   I do not believe in an after life…but if he were there, I think he would have grinned.

These things?  They count.