Medical Pregame Show…

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Personal

Okay, yah, so 3/11 is – should all go well- knife in neck day.  Prior to that, however, say, oh, Friday, is the filing of the flight plan and all that as it were.  I go to my regular doc for blood work, the EKG, all that good stuff that says  “Ok, she’s HEALTHY….CUT HER OPEN!” Then I go to the neck doc to sign all the forms that say why yes, I know what she is doing, and why yes I realize that since I am being put under I may not wake up, why yes, I realize that this may not turn out as great as we all hope, blah blah blah.    And the joy here is….this is one of possibly more than one surgery.  Gah.  Oh, and because it is my neck, and you know, that is a hard place on your body NOT to move, after the surgery, I am prolly gonna have to wear one of those whip-lash collars until the stitches come out.  Grrrrr.  Oh!  OH YEAH!  AND, chances are….post surgery…I will need more shots!  So YES, round TWO of magic stabby game!

This is one of those things where I thank all that is sane or holy that I have a sense of humor.  For real.  I am hoping (perhaps unrealistically) that all of this is said and done…I mean all of it….by July of 2010….you know, like the official 2 year aniversary of the actual burn. 

In other news…well, in my attempt to stop smoking I am down from about a pack and a half a day to about a pack every three days, so at least it is progress.

  1. rootietoot says:

    that’s excellent progress with the smoking, and you’ll heal faster, too, once the nicotine is out of your system.

    Surgeries…bleh. I mean, I know they have their uses, but…bleh. At least you get to sleep through them these days.

  2. dead_Vladimir says:

    when i saw pregame show i totally thought something else

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