Another Slice of Funny, Part One…this Funny, I&II are for Rootie especially!

Posted: February 23, 2010 in The Funny

Okay, study this map  (there will be no quiz later, but yes, it will come into play…)

Click to enlarge if needed, but the pink  indicates places within the US I have lived for, oh, more than 6 months.  You may, aside from one wayward state there, note a theme amid those places, and if you have ever lived in the state that seems wayward, you will know that, in fact, that wayward state is not so wayward.  As an officer of the law from said state once said unto Ernest after a bar brawl  “Well son, a bunch of people who really didn’t need a reason went and got drunk”…  Oh, and America’s Wang there?  I did not live in the Southern Half of it. 

So yes, note the pink.  Part II will come after I have stopped laughing and composed my thoughts a bit more on the matter.  I do warn however that nasty sarcasm and such might be flowing like cheap whiskey at a Road House….

  1. dead_Vladimir says:

    It’s funny, I match all o fthose states but one, and replace it with another

  2. rootietoot says:

    Home (with the capital H) is riiiight up near that most lefthanded westernish state. Love the High Plains. It’s Deep South with wind and BOOTS.

    I’ve hear that the further south you get in Fla, the further north you get, philosophically.

    Holding my breath, waiting for HIgh Powered Deep Fried Sarcasm.

    • dead_Vladimir says:

      theres some truth to that about florida…when i lived there in the 90s 1/3rd the population camefrom ny,nj, ct or cnaada..mostly retireers but not exlusively
      the cheap real estate an dno incom etax of those days attracted younger type s to

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