Posted: February 22, 2010 in Pain

First, for humor value…Ren as GOTH, and not goggled camo CYBER GOTH!

Dude, check it, I am GOTH AS HELL!!!!

oh, and the necklace?


(what would Wolf Ram&Heart Do?) If you get it, you ROCK!!!

Actually, I am SOOO not pale enough….

In any event…I am ill, I have a 101 fever, I have a goddamn stress/sinus migraine  ( a new one for me)….

AND…they are cutting my neck open for surgery (one of one to three) on March 11th.  Now, sure, I realize I cannot die, but this still wigs me out a bit  (scalpel IN my neck…WTF?!?!)

Send me good mojo on 3/11…if you cannot do that, I really DO want an AK47….

  1. hexy says:


    And WWWRHD = win 🙂

  2. Ren says:

    hehehe, made for me by a friend in response to many WWBD charms.

  3. rootietoot says:

    I can’t really tell what the neckalce is, probably wouldn’t get it anyway.
    I will, however, put March 11 on the calendar and remember to think special thoughts that day. I don’t blame you for being nervous, i would too (I mean, seriously, the neck? arrgh)

  4. Yay! The demonic law firm of LA rools!

    BTW, I think it was wolf, ram and hart (as in young deer) rather than heart.

    Medical issues suck – I have a sodding infection in my toes at the moment which is just annoying.

    Good wishes for March 11th sure to come; AK47 not really possible given UK gun control laws (plus I’d have to find a way of smuggling it to the US!) so probably not going to manage that (but I would if I could).

    I’m sure you already spotted that talking about having your neck cut open fits perfectly with the Goth theme of the post, so much coolness there as well!

    I’ll stop jibbering now.

  5. Aspasia says:

    WWWRHD? You WIN today! What’d be even cooler if the necklace was made out of a circle of black thorns too.

    **note to self: make black thorn necklace w/WWWRHD on it. re: WURLD DOMINASHION!** 😛

    Well wishes for 3/11! I can’t afford to buy you (or me, for that matter) an AK-47 so would you accept a crappy, abstract drawing of one?

  6. Gaina says:

    Sending you good vibes for 3/11. I hope they can do what needs to be done in one op.

    Lovely photo, by the way 🙂

  7. Carson D Carson says:

    I’ll see what I can do about the Klashnikov. I’d really rather you start seeing the flexability the AR, but hey, we all have our prefrences. Love the necklace. That is so you.

  8. Ernest Greene says:

    Good luck on 3/11. We’ll be sending our best thoughts.

  9. TexGuy says:

    I’m reminded of a t-shirt I saw:

    “If you’re so Goth, where were you when we sacked Rome?!”

    And good vibes on 3/11

  10. Ernest Greene says:

    Eh, they were probably just hanging out with a bunch of Vandals instead.

  11. lissy says:

    WWWRHD…. I just wet myself laughing. All the best for the op!

  12. Kai says:

    Wow-never pegged you for an Angel fan 🙂 Confession-My nickname for where I live? Caritas, after Lorne’s bar

    • Ren says:

      Really I am more of a Spike fan 😉

      • Kai says:

        Me as well 🙂 My fave? His ‘Love isn’t brains, children’ speech (sorry, I’m a Whedon nerd. I’ve even been invited to speak at a conference this Summer)

      • I thought Spike was a really great character, especially when he was in villain mode! I liked how Whedon was often able to remind us occasionally that Spike was evil even when Spike was on the good guys’ side, too. I never really liked it when Spike was all wussy.

        James Marsters played a very similar role in a guest appearance in Andromeda, as Charlemagne Bolivar, conniving, backstabbing Nietzschean leader, that was very cool. (one of many cool lines: “A sword? How passé!”)

        • My favorite Charlemagne Bolivar line was when asked what he wants, “The usual: Hundreds of grandchildren, utter domination of known space, and the pleasure of hearing that all my enemies have died in terrible, highly improbably accidents that cannot be connected to me.” Don’t we all?

  13. Jill Brenneman says:

    I’ve got the sinus thing too. 101 fever, sinus headache, sore throat… Damn this one sucks doesn’t it………

    • Ren says:

      Jill, well, since our side of the nation decided to suddenly turn in to the tundra, I guess oddity in health is to be expected.

  14. Roy Kay says:

    Revving up the vibe engine now, so it’ll be at full throttle by the 11th.

    Meanwhile totally unhip to the other references. It’s disturbing how me and Rootie are often soulmates. Sorry ’bout that Rootie. It’s a little against me too.

  15. sneeky bunny says:

    Good luck on the 11th Ren. I’m home sick and coincidently just watched the episode with Spike defining love. I watched it twice. He’s a wonderful actor. I loved him on Torchwood. Especially when he and Capt. Jack made out.

  16. Deb Sens says:

    Good luck on the 11th! IS it possible to be a hippie goth, or is that too much of a contradiction?

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