holy crap, figure skating judges (almost) got it right…

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Sports

You know…I like this guy.  In the sport of men’s figure skating, you see a lot of things.  A lot of sequins, feathers, drama, smack talk, you know, that stuff.  But not so much from this fellow, who is sort of an oddity in men’s figure skating…and not just because he is 6’2″…

Oh yeah, he is also a gold medalist.  His name?  Evan Lysacek.  Last night he beat out skating legend Evgeni Plushenko and Daisuke Takahashi for Olympic gold. 

Damn straight.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I adore Daisuke Takahashi.  He is, well, full of awesome and fun to watch.  And  I respect Plushenko as what he is…a legend.   But IMHO, quad or no quad, last night, the right skater won the gold medal- no question.  That there ice last night?  Lysacek OWNED it.

(And it wasn’t too hard to watch his rather attractive 6’2″ black clad self doing it either.)

But hey, this IS figure skating- where shit never truly makes sense, so I will have to add this.  Johnny Wier?  Love him or hate him, the guy got freakin’ robbed last evening.  People can blah blah blah on and on about his slightly easeir long program and shit like that all night long…but when you land all your jumps, have only one minior mistake, skate clean and graceful and all those things you are supposed to do…there is no fucking way you should get out-scored by two dudes who…well…fell.  More than once.  Which is what happened to Wier. 

I did however get a huge kick out of Lysacek’s  “Holy crap, you mean I WON?” face…

Plushenko, however, did not seem all that amused.  Later when interviewed, however, he did say “I have three Olympic medals, two silver, one gold, that’s pretty good.”

And he’s right.  Actually- it’s better than good- it’s damn impressive.

  1. rootietoot says:

    watching it all now.
    The Japanese are going to be aforce to be reckoned with in 4 yrs, and that Kazakstani chap-the 16 yr old…he’s got potential too.

    • Ren says:

      Wait til you see the japanese women…they are…scary good.

      But yep, 4 years from now, its gonna be all about Japan in singles skating I think.

  2. antiprincess says:

    more news from the world of men’s skating – in honor of Wolfie’s second birthday today, we went “skating-ice” for the Very First Time! he did great!

  3. Serpent says:

    Oh, and how much did you love Evan’s outfit???? I squealed when I saw it. The power of the Serpent brought him gold. 😛

    Yeah, very sad for Johnny Weir. I really, really wanted him to take home a medal. Two beautiful performances and both were underscored.

  4. mr.grim says:


    Here is a little something for you…. if you have not already heard it

  5. Aspasia says:

    And he’s a Chicago-area boy! We’ve got a lot of Olympians around this town.

  6. Politicalguineapig says:

    I think France has got a few contenders too. Amadio (sp?) was impressive. He was having so much fun out there. And he’s so cuuute, I just wanna take him home. I swear he’s gonna medal in the next Olympics.
    I loved Lysacek’s reaction- and the look he gave the judges. It was “I did my damn best out there, do your worst.” And those spins and jumps -wheee!
    I agree Weir was impressive. I just don’t like that man in real life. Or Plushenko. What is it about figure skating that brings out the drama queens?

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