Things I will never understand- Olympics addition!

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Sports

How, even after falling, some pairs skaters can still manage to be in the top three going into the long program tomorrow nite…

The Standings should be like this:

But they are not because a Russian pair (traditional lords o’ the pairs ice) who, oh, bailed, are in the top three.  This makes no sense.  I was kinda betting on a Chinese sweep in pairs, but the German pair is damn good.

How Apollo Ono manages to be the luckiest mo-fo in short track speed skating.

How people who do moguls skiing manage to have knees, at all. 

Why they do not just hand the gold medals to Team Canada the second their women’s hockey team walks into the building.

  1. Carson D Carson says:

    THe real presure is on the Men’s team. And I really don’t pay attention to figure skating anymore. Mogals is death for knees. However I find it very hypnotic to watch. I haven’t seen the short tract stuff yet, not today’s. Stupid tape delay.

  2. rootietoot says:

    Notice there’s no 40 yr old mogul skiers, they’re all 20-somethings who’s frontal lobes havent finished developing.

    • Ren says:

      I have to say, I have fallen in love with that Seth kid who does the snowboard supercross…he grins like he is up to something all the time! Doesn’t look bad in levi’s, a ski cap, and a gold medal either!

      You gonna watch the biatholon tomorrow…skis, snow, and …GUNS

      • rootietoot says:

        the guns amuse me, all the fancy sights and braces and stuff. Terry has a friend with a hunting rifle like that, but he won’t let me try it because “it’s too big for a girl”. asshole.

  3. Yeah, how the hell those Russians got into the top three… oh yeah, favoritism. Still. Despite the “changes” to the scoring system. Moguls look so fun and if I was younger I’d love to try but my knees are already bad enough from all those years of ballet and jazz. They’d explode about three moguls down.

  4. Dw3t-Hthr says:

    Man, I had the same thought about moguls. That motion just looks unreal.

  5. Roy Kay says:

    Moguls seems weird and I am amazed at the times; but with the knees bent, the strain is on the muscles and tendons.

    I don’t know how they score figure skating, but I would expect that challenge and complexity will count for a lot – assuming they make it. Otherwise, the routines might get too conservative and boring. Still a more transparent scoring system would make it more understandable.

    • Ren says:

      I figure skated for YEARS….it makes no sense….and a lot of the stuff they “like” because it is “difficult” makes the skating look UGLIER….like that whole grabbing the damn blade thing….


      • rootietoot says:

        I tried skating once…naturally I just hung on the wall and wobbled. I love to watch it tho. And yes, the skate grabbing thing…dunno about that. To me itls like the way the gymnasts/divers grab their knees and spread their legs when they fly through the air….not graceful at all.

      • Roy Kay says:

        You figure skated? Is there no end to your deep dark troubling secrets?


        You have a good point on aesthetics, though – eye of the beholder an all that. There is something to be said for it NOT being an Olympic event for just that reason. How would you score and Olympic event called “Impressionism” or “Expressionism” for example?

        What is likely needed is a whole separate venue. Unfortunately something seems to have to be “official” to sell, rather than sell in it’s own right.

  6. Politicalguineapig says:

    You’ll be happy to know that in the long program (which determines the medals) it was China, China and Germany. Sweet!

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