O Canada!

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Sports


Who else to carry the torch other than the Great One?

Er, but yeah, torch issues indeed!

  1. Carson D Carson says:

    I want to kick NBC’s teeth in. I live in the same damn time zone as the Olympics why the hell did the opening cerimonies need to be tape delayed? GRRR. I still haven’t seen the torch. Of course I figured it would either be Gretzky or Orr, so it was no great state secret but still… I was sad to hear about the Georgian luge athlete. I’m not sure if broadcasting his accident is aproprate or not, but I do have to admit that seeing it did help me understand how he died.

  2. I missed the Opening Ceremonies, but my maman told me about the horrible accident with the death of the Georgian luger. I also didn’t know until I read Carson’s comment that they showed it during the ceremonies. That’s horrible. Can’t they drop the sensationalism for just ONE freakin’ night?

    Anyway, I was at a screening of Graphic Sexual Horror last night. It’s a documentary about the defunct Insex site. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, Ren, but it is awesome. That was my second time seeing it last night. I might do a blog post about it.

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