CoX geekery….

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Gaming

I imagine the actual conversation going a bit like this…

“Who’s Phreak again?”

“That (chick, player, bitch, lunatic …..) who loves Malta!”

(Sidebar…Malta sucks in popular opinion, they are some of the meaniest, nastiest, hardest to fight high level enemies in the game….but come on- their big bad baddies are called Gunslingers and Kronos Titan Mechs!!!!!  How can I not love???)

  1. Carson D Carson says:

    Do we get to choose our own adjetive?

  2. I guess I’m weird too then, because I’ve generally found Malta to be… well… weaksauce. `.`

    Though I suppose that could be because my only characters that high level are AT/powerset combinations that are practically tailor-made to fight them.

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