Its SuperBowl Day…

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Sports

the Renegade predicts The Colts shall be triumphant.

  1. Sorry, Ren, but I beg to differ.

    New Orleans 38, Indy 27.

    With Freeney inneffective, Drew Brees, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush dissect the Colts D…and the Saints D gets just enough turnovers and stops to frustrate Manning and Co.


    • Ren says:

      The Renegade is Wrong from time to time. Grats to you and the Saints 🙂

      • Well…sometimes I get it right.

        I just figured that the Saints had more offensive balance and that their D would frustrate Peyton Manning just enough to give up the big INT…and Tracy Porter proved me right, ultimately.

        And…Freeney’s injury would ultimately immobolize him enough to give Drew Brees time to dissect the Colts secondary.

        And how about that onside kick to start the second half?? You think that Sean Payton wasn’t going to roll the dice to win this game??

        Anyways…they may have to postpone Ash Wednesday in New Orleans until the week after…a wild Mardi Gras just got that much wilder. Couldn’t have happened to a better city.

        Oh, and memo to Skip Bayless and all of the haters and doubters: Shut up and shine our Lombardi Trophy.


        • Ren says:



          A guy I know from when I lived in FL is a NO native, and loves the saints…he has had a bad, bad year….apparently, he was running thru the streets of Orlando tonight in a Saints Jersey and shorts, going nuts cause the Saints won.

          I picked Indy….but for him to have that is damn cool in my book.

  2. rootietoot says:

    I agree with you, for absolutely no reason other than I like the name of their team better.
    Terry robbed a truck filled with chicharones, so now he has hot n tasty snacks for the game.

  3. Jill Brenneman says:

    Hoping Renegade is wrong.

  4. Aspasia says:

    Yeah, I’ve decided to root for the Saints even though they beat my Vikings. More attached to New Orleans than anything in Indiana. 🙂

  5. Carson D Carson says:

    My money is with Ren, but also on the over.

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