Redneck, backwoods, white trash hick….

Posted: January 30, 2010 in The Hardline According to Ren


Those are my people.

It’s odd, once upon a time, I posted on anti-Southern Bias.  And while not born in the South myself, I’ve lived more than a half of my life IN the south.  I also, apparently, have some stereotypical “ugh, South” qualities:  gearhead gun nut tattooed fake boobed havin’ willin’ to throw down whiskey drinkin’…..Jew?  Okay, so that last one doesn’t so much fit, but yeah…

You know what?  I used to have issue with people thinking “those kinds of things” about me.

I don’t any more.

If someone wants to give me shit for perhaps having a GTO up on blocks in my yard and desperately yearning to own more than one AK47….and suggest that ripped up BDU’s are not proper attire for ladies….

They can register complaints with my boot.

  1. amen

    thouguh the gto’s should be made to run not rust lol

  2. rootietoot says:

    Y’know what? If you’re nice to them (us) and treat them (us) with a modicum of respect, instead of like they’re (we’re) something you’de scrape off your boot, you’ll have no more loyal advocate in the whole world. They’ll (we’ll) totally have your back, lend you our last dollar, and feed your kids if they’re hungry. So what if they (we) pick our teeth in public, fart like stevedores, or have questionable skin art.

  3. rootietoot says:

    and while I don’t have a Nova on blocks anymore, there is a chevy truck in the backyard, God knows how much bourbon in the kitchen cabinet, and a tendency to take potshots at squirrels. However, I do NOT shoot roadsigns with a shotgun or chew tobacco. HOWEVER, I do have a bailbondsman’s phone number programmed into my cell, and an account at the County Line (liquor store, we live in a dry county and have to go to the next one for the vodka). No tattoos, alas, as that $300 always seems to be claimed for something more practical.

  4. Carson D Carson says:

    AK-47? That’s not even on my list. Now a SigArms 2HTL upper reciever. *THAT* is on my list. My living room is mess right now. I’ve got two old white t-shirts laying out on the floor with the bits from both my handguns on them, and the stench of gun powder is everywhere. Yeah, I grew up redneck. Thought I outgrew it. I was wrong.

  5. Ernest Greene says:

    Well, being from Colorado also, what more need I say?

  6. andrewclunn says:

    Totally with you on this one.

  7. Roy Kay says:

    Outside of owning a shotgun, running cars till the repair shop begs me to trade ’em in, and being generally anti-gummint, I’ll never have redneck cred.

    Fortunately, I tend not to make the mistake of assuming style=brains. I don’t have so many of ’em as to be able to spurn the use of others’, wherever I find ’em.

  8. *ahem*

    Well, this is where my taste definitely diverges, considering far too often that very sort of Southern folk tended to prefer decorating trees with my folks. Especially if we’re “uppity”.

  9. Ren says:

    MY TWIN-

    Um, the folk I speak of, lets put it this way…if they like my skinny jew ass, you’d get on with ’em just fine and vice versa…

    not all rednecks are asshole racists by any stretch.

    (besides, I can see you hauling ass in an old hot rod and getting anarchy with a shotgun 😉 )

  10. Oh I know not all rednecks are asshole racists, but I’ve just met too many that are. Or maybe that’s just southern Illinois. But if they like your “skinny jew ass” (heh) then I’m down.

    Hey, you know my retirement plans! 😛 I do need a ’76 Impala and a sawed-off shotgun will do quite nicely. Along with a hunting knife and some homemade…er, fireworks. Yes. That’s the word…

  11. Erik says:

    I live in New Orleans, which is located in the Deep South but in many ways a not-very-Southern place. We are more like the northernmost outpost of the Caribbean, and the look and feel and smells of New Orleans are redolent of Europe and Africa as much as of our region. As for the sounds of New Orleans — they are unique. Without going into the music, let me just say that the local “Yat” accent has more in common with Brooklyn or Queens than Mississippi or Alabama.

    Oh, and we have a large and historic Jewish community. The oldest synagogue outside the 13 original colonies is in New Orleans, and since it is Carnival time, I have to point out that the first Rex was a Jew. There are Jewish communities throughout the South, and Jewishness and Southernness are more aligned than most think. The Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederacy was a Jew, and some historians contend that antebellum Jewish communities were more prominent in the South than the North. As the t-shirt says, “Shalom, y”all.”

  12. We Creoles are still upset over the Louisiana Purchase. New Orleans was much more French and Spanish in culture and tradition than it is now. Naturally, that difference didn’t sit well with the Anglo-American newcomers.

  13. Erik says:

    I take it you prefer Esplanade Avenue to St Charles. I certainly do. I love that there is a Hindu temple in one of the old Creole mansions on Esplanade, with children of mixed Bengali/American heritage expanding the boundaries of Creole-ness. I know New Orleans has deep issues and historic divisions over Creole identity, but per the oldest usage of the term, anyone born in the New World is a Creole. And especially, to my way of thinking, anyone who acknowledges mixed heritages. So while it is true that the LA Purchase diminished French and Spanish cultural predominance in New Orleans – and may have disadvantaged African and Native Americans – in the end Creoliization is unstoppable. The ethnic gumbo now includes all the identities mentioned above plus Mexicans, Central and South Americans, Haitians and other West Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Vietnamese and other East Asians etc etc. All learning each others’ recipes, sharing each others’ festivals and marrying into each others’ families.

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