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Those are my people.

It’s odd, once upon a time, I posted on anti-Southern Bias.  And while not born in the South myself, I’ve lived more than a half of my life IN the south.  I also, apparently, have some stereotypical “ugh, South” qualities:  gearhead gun nut tattooed fake boobed havin’ willin’ to throw down whiskey drinkin’…..Jew?  Okay, so that last one doesn’t so much fit, but yeah…

You know what?  I used to have issue with people thinking “those kinds of things” about me.

I don’t any more.

If someone wants to give me shit for perhaps having a GTO up on blocks in my yard and desperately yearning to own more than one AK47….and suggest that ripped up BDU’s are not proper attire for ladies….

They can register complaints with my boot.