So, I spent today…

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Movies, Personal

Feeling kinda crappy with a stomach thing, so I flaked out on the couch and watched movies with heavily armed degenerates blowing shit up all day.

It was pretty awesome.  Any afternoon I can spend with Mr. Soot, The Tremors, “The Surgeon” and that whole merry crew when I have to be sick?  Well, better than just being sick.

So yeah, I have watched “Smokin’ Aces II:  Assassins Ball” twice now.  Once last eve with Vlad and once today…and while cheesy and all…I’ll admit, I enjoyed it.  I really do like Vinny Jones and parts of it were pretty damn funny (if you’re twisted like that).  Tom Berringer is also pretty good in it.

  1. glad you liked the movie,
    but the effects did suck

    did oyu recognize kirk when you went back and watched the first one?

  2. Carson D Carson says:

    I had a dream about Radley last night….I’ve been working on an old story of mine through the Jets/Colts game.

  3. Roy Kay says:

    Just hoping you are feeling better by now.

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