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So, I spent today…

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Movies, Personal

Feeling kinda crappy with a stomach thing, so I flaked out on the couch and watched movies with heavily armed degenerates blowing shit up all day.

It was pretty awesome.  Any afternoon I can spend with Mr. Soot, The Tremors, “The Surgeon” and that whole merry crew when I have to be sick?  Well, better than just being sick.

So yeah, I have watched “Smokin’ Aces II:  Assassins Ball” twice now.  Once last eve with Vlad and once today…and while cheesy and all…I’ll admit, I enjoyed it.  I really do like Vinny Jones and parts of it were pretty damn funny (if you’re twisted like that).  Tom Berringer is also pretty good in it.