HA. Oh shit…hahahahahhahahahaha

Posted: January 20, 2010 in The Funny

Oh my.

Chances of this person ever saying shit like this to my face?

Place your bets!!!!

And the thing that still fucking amuses me to death?  I was right! 

Ahh, stupid radical feminist….you are the joke!

  1. Heh. One thing I will give Miss Andrist, she does have…big balls.

    Though, the fact that Ms. “I don’t give a fuck about your opinion..but since I now own the entire Intertoobz, I will just snark your opinion out of existence” takes full advantage of Nine Deuce’s selective policy of censorship, surprises me not at all with that group.

    It’s her follow up to that that interests me, though:

    Feminism isn’t about men at all. Feminism is about women. And all the other non-males out there. And as we know, the patriarchy’s zero-sum paradigm requires that anything that isn’t ABOUT MEN must ergo be AGAINST MEN, which is why males barge into the feminist dialogue as if this is about them. It’s not, except insofar as they are related to non-males. And that concept is so incredibly alien and new to every single one of them that it has to be explained IN EVERY GODDAMN POST.

    Oh, really?? So, when you smack down men as rapists and murderers of women merely because they happen to have a penis that gets erect at the sight of a willingly naked woman who consents to wanting to engage in sexual activity with such a man (even if only vicariously), that is not about men at alll, of course. Just like when Rich Warren decides to demonize gay men as the Anti-Christ and HIV enablers, it just isn’t about them, so no gay man should ever be allowed to protest.

    And ND wants to lecture US about OUR issues?? Glass house..fortified with mirrors.


    • rootietoot says:

      no, she doesn’t. Big balls would be saying to her face. She has a whole host of buddies to fortify her.

    • Deb Sens says:

      Agreed Feminism should be about men and women since we, well, have to live together. Actually according to the dictionary feminism is about gender equality so that would naturally include males!

      And yeah big balls no…internet warrior yes:)

  2. Ernest Greene says:

    Miss A. likes to talk shit about violence and make grandiose threats, but as Sam Spade would say, the cheaper the punk the gaudier the patter. If you looked at her sideways she’d piss herself.

  3. Ernest Greene says:

    In fact, if you go to her pitiful attempt at a blog, you’ll find a weird mixture of self-pity and self-loathing stirred in with all the blind rage that reveals much more than the author supposes, very little of it about the world and much about herself.

  4. hexy says:

    Wow. What a wanker.

  5. rootietoot says:

    Llong winded discussions of these sad individuals gives them a degree of credibility. Having said that, I admit to following the links and reading their opinions as much as anyone, and appreciate the effort you go through to find the choicest bits, as it’s like picking a scab or something. What would really delight me would be a particularly crusty chunk that you find, and rather than it getting intellectual discussion over it’s alleged quality,it would get the breathless laughter and mockery that it really deserves.

  6. Anji says:

    Aside from all that, why did I never recognise the sheer volume of ableist language when I was running in those circles before?

  7. Jill Brenneman says:

    Just curious about something….. If she doesn’t read anything Ren writes and views her as irrelevant, why bother to write a response to something she doesn’t read and doesn’t view as relevant? Unless of course she does read Ren and does view her as relevant but is trying to come off as a badass to her friends…….

  8. Jill Brenneman says:

    Besides if you are so fucking irrelevant,,,,,,,,,, Why the fuck were radical feminists so afraid to debate you in Williamsburg? To the point of a no show?

    • rootietoot says:

      because they can’t be bothered, like they can’t be bothered to be bothered by the bothersome stuff she says.

    • Roy Kay says:

      As I recall, it was because Ren is the Osama bin-Laden of The Patriarchy(R), and her invitation to one of them to fall in front of a bus was so very scary. I mean, if Ren ever got close to someone who knows what evil her mind powers might wreak. We’d run out of busses with all the RadFems crowding to fall in front of them.

  9. jmkaye says:

    If feminists are so smart, why do they spend so much time talking about reality TV?

  10. Deb Sens says:

    I have nithing intelligent to add except ARG what an arrogant ass,
    I mean I own the the internetz wtf . t don’t understand why ND and her gang are so threatned by you. I mean they do understand other people have different opinions right? I very much disagree with her and her readers take on porn, BDSM and I don’t see how that makes anyone that disagrees a bad person or feminist

  11. Those people remind me of a clip from one or other of the Naked Gun movies where detective Frank Drebin is facing off against the villain over the affections of the leading lady:

    “I’m sure we can settle this like reasonable adults… Mr Poopypants”

    Nuff said.

  12. lissy says:

    FFS! What a freaking tool! I’m going to go and slam my head on my desk for a while and after that I’m going to do my Burlesque Beat workout tape…

  13. Gaina says:

    Oh, of course a person who has done the job they are giving critiques on is not relevant to the conversation. Not at all **rolls eyes**.

    Do me a favor, next time you link to one of these whack jobs please warn me that I might want to stab my monitor. No, warn me that I WILL want to stab my monitor :P.

    And of course feminism is about men because without men there’d be no baby girls to grow up and become feminists (although I am still not sure the words ‘grown up’ and ‘feminist’ can be used in the same sentence all the time).

  14. Ernest Greene says:

    Well, Ren, it would appear from MA’s latest comments that she’s inviting you to drop by so she can kill you. Of course, she lives a few thousand miles away and isn’t telling anybody where, so it doesn’t seem like a very immediate problem. She’s given to that sort of language, unlike the kind of person about whom I really do worry.

    • Ren says:

      ah yes, the texas make my day laws…obviously gal does not know I live in Va via Co? I can tell ya, someone sets foot on my law here and I can shoot em….Va takes that shit serious…and well, you know about people and lethal force in Co…

      and what amuses me to no end? These folk forget I am a damn nihilst….pffft. what are you gonna do? Kill me?


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