So then…

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Personal

Ten am this mornin’ (that being friday and all), I go for what will HOPEFULLY be my last round of needles to the neck.  Might not be, could be, but I certainly HOPE it is.  It’s been over a year of that noise, the whole once a month, going to the doc, and bracing for impact as she sticks needles into my damn neck.  It’s worked.  Hell, its worked amazingly, but fun?  Um no.  Not at all.  I am ready for that phase of the saga to be over and for the next one to begin.  Next one being surgery.  I realize there is something off about yearning to get ones neck cut open, but yeah, I am so ready.  Time to trade out these scars for a new one.  I want that new scar.

  1. hopefully you are done

  2. Well, there’s something off about being burned and left with scars also, but nothing off about wanting to get that all fixed, innit?

    Here’s to needle-free Ren!

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