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The Magic Stabby Game…

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Personal


Today was the last round of needles  (17 this time, just to make sure)…next month she will take a look, make sure everything is as it should be, then pick a date for surgery. 


(happy dance)

Here soon I will post pics of what my neck looked like then, and what it looks like now.  Pretty amazing stuff IMHO.  And, I gotta say, my doctor rocks.  I dig her a lot.


I don’t watch MTV.  So I cannot comment on the show.  But you know, it strikes me as amazingly wonderful when women who, oh, you know, care about women, bust on their fashion sense and bodies- fake or not.   A long, long, long time ago in that other blog I wrote about how I was just not down with women cracking on other women’s appearances, no matter what they were….guess what?  I’m still not.  I think it is fucking shitty to bust on a woman if she is overweight, or if she has acne, or if she has stretch marks, and likewise, I think it is shitty to bust on her if she is thin, or has big boobs, or big hair, or dresses in low cut shirts.   Same shit, different day.   Some folk- feminist or not- just cannot deal or cope without ripping other women down because of the way they look or dress.  Sad really…as if ripping on a size three gal in booty shorts with big boobs is gonna make anything better or make anyone truly more comfortable in their own skin.  How fucking hard is that to get, really?

And you know…I bloody well DARE someone to actually PROVE that stripping or stripper like work out routines- think what you will of them on other levels- are not Work Outs.  No one has to like them, no one has to think they are empowering, I so don’t give a fuck about that, but if one is gonna claim they are not a good cardio workout, I am gonna say they are a fucking idiot who knows nothing…and I’m gonna be right.

So then…

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Personal

Ten am this mornin’ (that being friday and all), I go for what will HOPEFULLY be my last round of needles to the neck.  Might not be, could be, but I certainly HOPE it is.  It’s been over a year of that noise, the whole once a month, going to the doc, and bracing for impact as she sticks needles into my damn neck.  It’s worked.  Hell, its worked amazingly, but fun?  Um no.  Not at all.  I am ready for that phase of the saga to be over and for the next one to begin.  Next one being surgery.  I realize there is something off about yearning to get ones neck cut open, but yeah, I am so ready.  Time to trade out these scars for a new one.  I want that new scar.