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There has been some debate about this amid players of CoX, and I have long insisted that while on the hero side, you do not kill people, on the villain side…you most certainly do.  When your mission text includes things like “no witnesses” and “I to want visit him in the morgue” I’d say that was pretty obvious.  However, some folk just do not like to accept the fact that well, yeah….in this game, villains often whack their enemies…and some of ’em, even no matter how many times you point out that kinda text, well, lets just say maybe they should stick to playing heroes.

In any event, proof positive that villains actually well- are villains!  My favorite bad gal, Phreak Drive, standing over the corpse of Iconic Game Hero, Ms. Liberty…shot from the end of the big time high level villain Strike Force  (where you pretty much waste every big time NPC hero in the game…)

Fun strike force, really, but then again…

I like playing villains.