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Posted: January 4, 2010 in Gaming, The Funny, Uncategorized

Awhile back I did posts on my COH/COV characters in the Suicide Kings and  Wild Bunch, so today, it is time for ‘the other characters’…

First up we have Comrade Ivanova, a Soviet era-themed hero.  She is one of my older characters, and one of the few that is not…well, aggressive.  She’s a controller, and has (gasp) empathy (it’s a power), and basically runs around blinding the bad guys and healing people….and oh yeah, she has ghostly minions who do all the butt-kicking for her.  Which is cool.  I don’t play her as much as I used to, because for me, she’s kind of …. boring.  She and her minions can hand out some whupass, but its still kinda boring.  Personality wise she is the perfect proper for the people communist, but oddly enough, she has quite a bankroll…

Next up is Alarias (aka “Al”) who is a brute, and thus by default, a villain, two knife mojo…in cowboy boots.  Though I like Al a lot I don’t play her as much as some of my other characters.  Her personality is pretty basic, she’s a monster and she knows it, and over all has a very grim take on things.   What I dig about her is she is very fast…missions do not take for ever because she gets stuff done so dang quickly.

This is Celdonia (“Cel”) and do not let the grim appearance fool you:  Cel is a hero. And she really pretty is all about being a hero.  She might look all grim and scary and stuff, but she is into being a good guy- or as into being a good guy as a 6’3″ pasty chick with scars and claws can be…and oh yeah, she’s Roman…hence the whole Roman Outfit fighting Romans on that second picture there.  She was the first character I got to 50th level, and the fifth character I made up over all. 

Look Rootie, a cowgirl!  This is Upsilon Black, who did not used to be in the Suicide Kings, but she is now since the old Hero Group she was in sorta went splat.  Assault Rifle blaster.  Don’t ask about the name, its a Malta thing…  Upsilon is from Texas, very mellow, has a good sense of humor, and is a decent team player.  Because she is one of several characters I have who uses a BFG, she does not get as much play time as many of my other characters, but I dig her okay.

Okay UK people, here she is, my one Brit Character, London Burns, a fire/willpower Brute who is painfully polite and civilized except for when she is kicking the crap out of people.  London is supposed to be one of those highly educated sorts who probably would’ve become a cut throat businesswoman if someone had not gone and screwed her over big time giving her a serious case of “I want revenge.”  She started out in a group that ended up being really lame, so she jumped ship over to the Wild Bunch.  I had not played her in a while, and I’d forgotten how fun fire/willpower can be.

“Hey Cirx 6, did you know you are, well, sorta rotting?”
“Well, when you consider Cirx 6 stands for ‘Crey Industries Revenant Project X-6” that answer should be obvious”…
Ah yes, here she is, the Zombie Hero.  Now a Suicide King as well.  Cirx is a blaster (energy/energy) and her deal is that, well, she is a failed science experiment.  Needless to say she has issues.  She is also quite possibly, up close, one of the scariest looking Heroes in paragon city (its that whole half rotted, half cybernetic thing).  I like Cirx6 a lot.

And now, a wonderful team of Villains:  Cassius Flay (played by Vladimir) and Belle Tower (played by me), a stalker and a corruptor (claws and a BFG).  They are cultured, Southern, and totally bat shit insane…and thus very fun to play.    There is not much more to say than that, really.

And last but not least, we have the Curious Case of Vaughn Vegas!  Vaughn is an electic/electric blaster and one of the first characters I ever made- theme being the rather mellow party boy who became a hero to get women.  And his plan was working until some lunatic villain decided that Vaughn was Her Man, and several trips to the hospital, a restraining order, and having her committed later, he just gave in and married her figuring that was better than ending up a corpse at the hands of an obsessive super villain.  That’s her on the third picture there- Vanessa Vegas.  He sorta went all goth and depressed after the honeymoon.

  1. dead_Vladimir says:

    he really loves her!!!!!! he’s not depressed!!he’s estatic!!!!

  2. rootietoot says:

    I fiddled with the CoV/H thing and once my 10 yr old explained how to make the characters run and jump it was kind of fun…then ADD set in and i ha…

    what was I saying?

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