“an Ethical Person”

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Personal

hummm.  i’ve been called this before.  And its true…often much to my chagrin, but yeah, I sorta am an ethical person.  Not always in ways people expect and often in ways which might surprise them, but yep.  Guilty.  And I want to talk about that…granted, I am in a craptastic mood, but…

Being an ethical person sucks.

i want to quit that shit.  I want to tell people who annoy me to fuck off, or possibly hit them in the head with a claw hammer.  I want to walk out on my check.  I want to steal the good parking spots.  I want to drink way too much, get into a bar brawl, put my boots on the table, watch porn on my lap top in the airport, swear in a library…really loudly, snort blow off the perfect abs of an absolutely gorgeous Nordic man, throw stinky fish guts at PETA protestors, cut all the tags off mattresses in a “Sealy” store and fuck some dude who I know will regret it in the morning then blackmail him by threatening to send a video of it to his church.  On Easter.  Where I will show up in boots and my blast goggles.  Ethical fucking blows.

I am damn ass  tired of being an ethical person.

  1. BroadSnark says:

    Except for walking out on your check, I don’t see an ethical problem with anything on that list. I say go for it.

  2. There’s a huge difference between being an ethical person and being a moralistic person, and I think way more highly of the former than the latter.

  3. “watch porn on my lap top in the airport”

    Ha – you’d be one of those people I constantly see complaints about on the feminist blogs. 🙂

    I always wonder how many people actually do this; it seems like porn, being essentially arousal and masturbation-fodder, lends itself to either private viewing, or under circumstances where everybody is there for sex. (Hence, why porn theaters have almost completely disappeared after the invention of the VCR, except as cruising spots.) Then again, some people have a fetish for public sex, so I suspect public porn viewing is a related kick. Ethically, of course, there are issues of one’s captive audience, their boundaries, etc.

  4. Roy Kay says:

    By and large, I enjoy being nice to people in general.

    Now some people? I don’t want to brawl with them. I want to hit the [control][alt][smite] keys. So count me in for some assassinations and count me out for the bar brawl.

    However, I’m all for the porn watching, jacking off at the airport. I really do have to ask WHY this is so bloody inappropriate. What the fuck is wrong with people that they are offended by this? Where did THAT bit of idiocy come from? I wouldn’t mind having a flask of Long Island Ice Tea with me at the time either, and try some blow or X off a friendly passenger’s tits.

  5. Steve says:

    I didn’t realise PETA cause such hostility in the US. They can’t be doing their cause much good.

    The comments on porn, is this something that yet again is in the media as something you should not be doing in the airport. I never heard of not watching porn in the airport in Britain. There again I have not come across anyone watching porn in the airport, other than myself, and editing escort websites while waiting for the departure.

  6. rootietoot says:

    I have imagined all those things, except for the porn in the airport. And the blow off a nordic guys abs, but that’s because the nordic type doesn’t appeal to me.

    Anyway…yeah. Sometimes that ol’ superego ruins all the fun.

  7. dead_Vladimir says:

    you know ethics are a personal code. if your personal code is to warn peple who annoy you once and then wail on them with a hammer if they do it a nd time, as long as you warn them the first time, you are being ethical. The problem is not ethics it is sociey’s norms

  8. Gaina says:

    I know this probably wasn’t your intention but the scenario in the church had me PMSL.

    You should try Satanism, I find it an honourable and yet completely self-gratifying way to live at the same time. Kindness to those who deserve it but you’re also perfectly within your rights to totally fuck up anyone who deserves that too!

  9. I think I draw the line at claw hammer, and check-dodging, but the rest, go for it (I might have qualms about involving every member of the church congregation in the set-up, but certainly anyone who stands on moral principles can’t really expect to be immune to the consequences of breaking them!)

    I once read the slogan, “stress is what happens when the brain overrides the body’s natural instinct to beat the crap out of someone who richly deserves it”.

    I agree with Vlad that if you give people fair warning and they ignore it, then they really don’t have anyone else to blame if bad shit happens (something I think should also apply to litigation in general).

    “Ethical” need not equal “doormat”.

  10. Kim says:

    Whoooo boy. Do I ever wish I could toss my ethics out the ass-window. There’s a whole bunch of not-so-nice shit I wouldn’t mind doing at least once. (Except, knowing me, it would probably be twice and then thrice and on, so therefore, it’s probably best I don’t.)
    BUT, you know, still!

  11. Ernest Greene says:

    Maybe I’m ethcially challenged, but very little on your list seems morally indefensible in itself, depending on the circumstances.

    Reading it, I’m reminded of Denis Leary’s hilarious rant in Demolition Man (a favorite guiilty-pleasure flic) in which he declares his desire to eat red meat, smoke and swear. It’s more like a to-do list than a manifesto for undermining the morals of the society.

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