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Welcome to 2010

Posted: January 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

And for some reason, this is what I totally expect my life to look like for most of the next year.  Chaos, destruction, upheaval, but hey, its sunny at least! 

The end of 2009 was…complicated and full of strife for me.  Oddly enough, I cannot picture 2010, or at least great sections of it, being much different.  One might call that pessimistic of me.  I call it realistic.  And yeah, I hear ya…shit is tough all over.  Word to that.  Rimshot.

I can’t honestly say how much real blogging or blogging of substance I will be doing here in the near future.  For some reason, I honestly cannot bring myself to give a shit about much of anything right now, even shit I usually do give a shit about.  I have other things going on in meatspace real life (which are not up for discussion, thanks) that seem to be consuming my time and ability to care.  Heh, if I did not care about those things, shit and life would be much easier.

Then again, when has life ever been easy?  There is the real question. 

In any event, Happy New Year, and here’s hoping your 2010 won’t look at all like mine.