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oh yeah…

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Personal

The most freakin’ perfect post picture for me….ever.

I was gonna title this post “Everything I ever Needed to know About Life I learned from ‘The Watchmen'” but I think someone else is using that title here shortly.

So yeah, lemmie wax on about the holiday cheer around this joint right about now…

Parents arrived last nite around 8.  Two hours after that my mom was- via 911 and an ambulance in the ER.  She’s been admitted and remains in the hospital now- we’re hoping to get her back here sometime tomorrow.   Nothing too tremendously serious, she’s feeling much better now, but yeah. 

Now, not to go into to great of detail ’cause I totally do not feel like it, but yeah, today I had the pleasure of seeing what one might call a medical professional of sorts, and while speaking to this fellow, it became clear to me he has very set (and old school) ideas about the way men are supposed to be and the way women are supposed to be- in the mental/behavior department.  I am sure a lot of folk come at life with this template in mind and base whatever off of it because they figure its probably not a bad base….but yeah, I am so totally not in the “supposed to be” department in just about all ways.  And check this y’all…that attitude and shit is sexist as hell and it pisses me right the fuck off.  It is not wise for one to assume that just because Miz Evolution has a vagina that she has issues and concerns and behaviors that one might deem”womanly”, because when ya do, you are only going to end up sorely disappointed.  And, well, I might laugh at/scare you.  I think I did both, actually. 

I have also been seriously lacking CoH/CoV in my life here lately….

So what does one do, after a long day of back and forth to the hospital and putting lights on a tree and (still) shovelling snow and dealing with shit???

You spend a fine bit of quality time with The Comedian and Rorschach.  And a beer.