Posted: December 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

In case I don’t get around to saying it later…

Happy Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanza/ Ramadan/ Yule, y’all!

And a Good New Years to ya.

  1. rachel cervantes says:

    Back atcha, plus happy winter solstice.

  2. Motherfucking Jameson For Everyone!!11Q!!!111 w00t!

  3. rootietoot says:

    Yay! I’ll bring a cheese ball to go w’ Comrade’s Jameson!

  4. Roy Kay says:

    Have a Salacious and Slutty Solstice! (retroactively)

  5. Gaina says:

    Same to you!! ((HUG))

  6. Deb Sens says:

    Happy Yule and a groovy New YEar!

  7. I dunno if I said it either, but same back atcha.

    PS: Amber announced on Facebook that she just got married, dunno if you’ve heard! Great news!

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