Movie I am loving at the moment…

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Awesome

Inglorious Basterds

(no, that is not a typo, check the DVD cover)…

Okay, so Brad Pitt and a bunch of badass Jews, plus one really rather hot and bad ass German decide to go all scoarched earth on a the Nazis…whilst another Badass Jew makes her own plans to do the same, all with lots of cool music, snappy dialouge, amid tension and a festival of violence…

How am I NOT going to like this movie again???

If scalping and killin’ Nazi’s does not offend you, I cannot recommend this movie enough.

And people who do not like Tarantino and Roth can save it.  This movie rocks.  They are in the killin’ Nazi business, and business is boomin’!  Beware the Bear Jew!!!!

  1. knew you’d love it
    his best film I think

  2. rootietoot says:

    I’ve heard it’s Tarantino Violent, which means it will be saved for a…hm…opportune time. Typically I dislike violence, but occasionally it is required.

    • the violence is way less than kill bill, though there are a few graphic parts;
      it’s really 3 different films, a bit of a westerm, a bit of an old classic WW II thriller (there is a scene in the basement of a tavern that is sometihng you could see David Niven having done),
      and the third act perfect tarantino

      **some of the dialogue is brilliant; hell most of it is

  3. Genevieve says:

    Oh God, I saw this back in September and love it so much. Shoshanna is such a badass. The Nice Guy (TM) thing gets totally turned on its head by having the Nice Guy be a Nazi. The guy who plays the main villain does it incredibly well. There’s an interracial relationship. And every so often I just have the urge to say “Buongiorno” or “I want my one hundred Nat-zi scalps” in Brad Pitt’s hilarious southern accent.

  4. Deb Sens says:

    I got this for Christmas… was defently hsi best movie and Shoshanna was my favorite charactor…..

    @Genivieve Agreed1 he was indeed an asshole and a very true”nice” guy….ugh in my film class where they were disgussing this movie ALOT of the guys in the class called her a bitch….I got SO MAD!

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