Posted: December 20, 2009 in Morons

Okay, so remember a few months back some absolute moron decided to proudly declare that all porn was rape, delete comments, then more or less call me a rapist?  Well, here lately this same intellectual amoeba has been raging on against the great TransEvil, because you know, that is so gonna stop sexism, bring about world peace and lead to a better world and all, not to mention highly original.  Anyway, amid all this bigoted scat, she makes the following statement:

sex-pos transwomen–if i were born male, like you were, i might be “sex-positive,” too.  you know:  exhibitionist, pro-porn, and squeeee!-fully sexually available to men.  if only….

Now rightly, on behalf of sex positive women, Caroline takes some serious issue with this.  And well issue should be taken by everyone.  The idea that anyone, any woman, trans or cis, sex positive or not,  is “fully sexually available to men” is, oh, gee, a fucking RAPIST MENTALITY.  Flat out.  No question. Do not stop, do not collect 200 dollars.  She might as well have said “the slut deserved it”.    No woman-  no matter who she is or what she does or how she entered the world, regardless of exhibitionist or views on porn or squee factor-  is willingly “Fully sexually available” to “MEN”.  Let’s hit this with the hammer one more time:  The idea that any woman is “Fully Sexually Available to Men” is the attitude that fosters rape.  End of story.  So yeah, if this fucking meatbag is gonna call me a rapist, I am gonna say she- what with her spouted ideals and ideas about women- made me do it.

So yes, once again a fine example of sexism out of a Womyn Zealot Fool, and a fine display of rape enabling mentality, but also…

Well, hell, I love irony.

See, here we have a beset upon poor little lamb who is just trying to speak without being silenced and all (even though she deletes other people), setting out her (babble) hardline and all…but see, as a Radikal Femisssst! She is doing it all because women are so mistreated and beat down by men and men and transwomen just have sooooo much privilege and all…its just not fair!  Why do they hurt and abuse and degrade women and treat them like second class citizens?  Where is the damn respect for fellow human beings and all?

Heh, you ever hear the expression “don’t give none and you won’t get none”?

See, and I find the irony delicious, because here we have our beset upon idiot demanding that she and her views be heard and treated with respect with no room for disagreement whilst she wanders around treating other folk with zero respect and allowing them no room to speak.  Heh, does that shit ever really work?  Especially in any sort of lasting way?  I mean, is hating on transwomen, sex positive women, sex worker women, and women who do not think she is just sooooo awesome actually gonna get anything really accomplished out there in the really real world?

Fuck No.

In fact, we’re she to say shit like this out in the really real world it would most likely get her teeth kicked in…by women.  I mean, I do not know too many gals whom if you walked up to them and suggested they were fully sexually available to men would shine on it too kindly.  And being a feminist and saying it sure as hell would not save their ass bacon from the fire, in fact, I suspect it would make it worse..because feminists don’t say shit like that, rapists and asshole men who think they are entitled to have sex with any and all women do.

So yeah, looks like at least one feminist has  turned into one of those fuckers, even though she supposedly is all about women.

HAHAHAHHAA.  Oh shit I love it.

Man people are fucking morons…this shitsack being a fine exhibit A.

  1. Caroline says:

    “intellectual amoeba” – yep, that.

    I left her a comment, not a nice one but no sear words and no insulting language, saying this, that she shared the same words as rapists in this post and, oops, it got deleted. Seriously, what the hell makes her think she’s ever going to do any good in the world wiith her attitude?!

  2. antiprincess says:

    “If I were born male, I might be…fully sexually available to men.”

    well all right.

  3. Speechless. I’m a man, for Goddess’ sake..and I’m F’N SPEECHLESS.

    Gee, FackCheckMe…does that mean that you are giving me and any other man permission to hop a plane to, say, northern Virginia, and force myself upon Ren, or Nina, or any other woman who looks like she’s “sex positive” or “pro-porn”??

    I mean, the idea that the sex-positive woman might actually have a CHOICE and a VOICE on which particular man she might want to let in her bra and thong, along with the choice to say “No, not now”, or “No, thank you, not interested”, or even “Get lost, fuckhead” fails to register in that one functioning brain cell of hers??

    Oh…and the notion that a man might just actually have enough of a soul and just enough respect for a woman’s humanity to respect her wishes and simply back the hell off and settle for some private wankery with his hand(s) or favorite sex toy…I wonder if this whackoid ever thought about THAT option before opening her colon…ahhhh, I mean, her piehole???

    It may be time to resserect the SmackDog Whupass Can today…what, with my seething wrath over Obama/Emanuel/Stupak/Nelson/Dimocrat FAIL on health care reform, the Saints getting bumped from the unbeaten ranks…and now this crap???


  4. Roy Kay says:

    How does she manage to be so out of it?

    >women all over the world are having not only their female gender but their heterosexuality enforced upon them as certainly as their born-sex.

    Uh, I thought it was being a Hot Bi Babe that got the cache, but oh well. Did she race through G and L only to skip over B on the way to T?

    >ask yourselves, feminists: would a 12-year old child bride in ethiopia care about this?

    I think she means would a 12 year old child bride who had a brain transplant with an American self identified RadFem with a PhD. care about this. As to what 12 year old child brides in Ethiopia think in general, I haven’t a clue. Nor for that matter does factcheckme in all probability. Most people tend to think their culture is “right”. That is what they are RAISED to think.

  5. rootietoot says:

    Bless her heart, she just wants to be heard. To bad she can’t speak the language.

    As a friend of a bonafide 12 yr old Ethiopean Child Bride, who says “it’s how we do things there”, I resent her implication and hijacking of a very real cultural norm.

  6. Gaina says:

    I wonder if she’d like to tell the relatives of Angie Angie Zapata and all the other murdered trans women just how ‘privileged’ they are.


  7. Ernest Greene says:

    As you say, a hate movement. This particularly odious individual exemplifies it most aptly. If you look back over her previous posts, their most striking feature is how utterly she defnes herself by her unremitting hostility toward everyone and everything unlike herself, though I suspect all that hate originates exactly where she doesn’t look for it – internally.

  8. Rachel S. says:

    Unfortunately, this type of hypocrisy doesn’t faze me any more. Fine example of a human being, and I’m glad someone is able to work up their vehemence about this kind of shit… I just can’t do it. Sometimes stupid is just too stupid for a response.

  9. I’ve nothing to say other than I am SO TIRED of the hate certain feminists have for transwomen. Just beyond tired of it.

  10. rootietoot says:

    What I’m trying to figure out is the source of the hatred for transwomen, beucase if you look at their lives they seem kinda…harder…than cis folks’ lives, the whole dealing with the disconnect and confusion and all, not what I’d called privileged, anyway.

    • Eli says:

      I think it’s like she implies; because she hates being a woman, and she envies men the squeeful sexual entitlement she imagines them having. But she’s too cowardly to go all the way and actually become a man herself. So she hates trans women because they scorn what she covets, and unlike her, they have the balls to get what they want.

      • rootietoot says:

        but not necessarily the *money*. Having the surgeries required is not cheap, I know I couldn’t afford it. So they’d be relegated to dressing the part and hoping no one figures it out…that can NOT be easy, or privileged. I think her issue is good old fashioned bigotry, hatred of something different and misunderstood.

        • Eli says:

          True. I had in mind to say that they dare to “go for” what they want, or at least “admit” what they want, rather than actually “getting” it. Poor choice of words on my part.

          She strikes me as heavily projecting personal issues on others, and being unable to face her own desires honestly. But I admit I often have this impression when radfems start fantasizing about the male experience (obviously, of which to her the trans experience is just an extension), you know what I mean?

          Then again, bigotry is usually like that. So I agree with your characterization too. There definitely seems to be an amount of fear of losing privileges she feels entitled to to those uppity Ts…. actually I think she sounds a lot like teabagger rhetoric – just substitute “real women” for “true Americans”.

          • rootietoot says:

            what I can’t figure out is how a transperson cIauses her to lose privileges…the more I think about it the more confused I get, because try as I might, I simply cannot figure out how transpeople cause me (a “real” woman) oppression…

            • Eli says:

              I don’t know, but there’s something I read somewhere else that I think may apply in this case; basically I think she’s unable to conceive of trans people as ever belonging to her “in” group. They are never part of “us” but always part of “them”. And so whatever recognition or advancement “they” are trying to obtain is perceived as at the expense of “us”. And by extension she can’t believe trans people could ever consider her as belonging to “them” so she can’t trust them.

              I think it’s a sad, small, scary world she built for herself, and “they” (Ts, sexpozzies, anyone who disagrees) are threatening its rigid boundaries. I think that’s the root of it.

        • Um…sorry to interject a year after the fact, but, trans girl here. I do not need surgery to feel complete. Access to hormones on demand would be nice.

          About half of trans womyn get surgery. Half. Even after all the pressure to, assimilate. For so many womyn having SRS is about passing, more than it is about relieving the brain-body disconnect. That said, many trans womyn have that disconnect. For them it is, simply, something in the way.

          Don’t mind my clarifying. You’re being quite awesome thus far.

  11. […] go back to the comment about us being “fully sexually available to men,” Ren is right, Caroline is right, this is offhand rape apologia. It’s as if the people who spout it […]

  12. This comment thread from that clusterfuck says it all:

    factcheckme Says:

    December 17, 2009 at 12:10 am

    (Yes, really. Quite a few trans women have been raped in restrooms, and none seem to have ever raped anyone in one.)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA oh thats rich. and just how the FUCK do you know that? hmmm? just becuase you want something to be true dont make it so.

    Gee…I guess that Gwen Arroyo, Brandon Teena, and countless other transgendered folk who have been beaten down, raped, or even killed, are just either figments of her imagination….or MEN who get what they deserved.

    Yeah….she’s now become an insult to meatsacks. Hate speech, indeed.


  13. Eli says:

    I mean, is hating on transwomen, sex positive women, sex worker women, and women who do not think she is just sooooo awesome actually gonna get anything really accomplished out there in the really real world?

    It sort of goes without saying in this context, but you left out the “hating on men”… 😉

  14. lissy says:

    Arg this shit makes me want to vomit!

  15. Another outstanding example of the enlightenment offered by radical feminist analysis. You know, honest to God, Phyllis Chesler talked on a listserv about starting a feminist continent. She never specified which one she had in mind, but the day she and other radical feminists achieve that lofty goal. Someone take my passport away………

    • Hopefully, Antartica…..because all that ice lodged in their souls would refreeze the polar ice caps and reverse global warming.

      Then again…not even the penguins should suffer for that.


      • There is documentation of prostitution amongst penguins, thus I think Phyllis would rule Antarctica out. While she loves to talk about prostitutes and pontificate about what they need, she wouldn’t want to lower herself with the idea of living amongst them……..

        Although to recycle a joke, she would finally find a place where her theory of prostitution being a black and white issue would finally hold merit as it pertains to the prostitution of penguins…

      • Deb Sens says:

        Antartica is awesome though! They have penguins and Polar Bears…..nah I think they should go to a diff planet!

  16. Factcheckme……… Whatever her name is, has as serious case of Jan Raymond overdose………

    I’ve read that awful blog now. It’s fucking hateful nonsense. She wants to talk about not having privilege. Newsflash but she had some educational privilege someplace to come up with that academic theory she espouses as reality. Mixied with an enormous amount of narcissism. She accepts this, she doesn’t accept that………… WTF?

    It is going to rain tomorrow. I can accept it or not accept it but regardless it is going to rain.

    She self identifies as some sort of freedom fighter for oppressed women. Her vision of freedom and fighting oppression and reality have as much to do with each other as a hot dog and a black lab sitting in the sunshine…

    Please, factcheckme, when you rescue all CIS women from whatever you are rescuing them from,,, don’t rescue me., because Factcheck, your Arc seems remarkably similar to some other rescues of the chosen oppressed …..

    And to respond with an equal level of idiocy, I leave Factcheckme with the quote of an equally clued in to the world invidivual.

    Fuck you and Fuck Hulk Hogan

    • Deb Sens says:

      UGH! People like this piss me off! I will never ever understand why some radfems can’t just accepot people are different and live and let live…they are just as bad as evengelical Christians. You know whats scary, when I first started becoming interested in feminism it was because I thought women should be treated equally to men and as long as they were making ethical choices it didn’t matter what they did, as long as the womans chosing I see absolutly nothing wrong with porn and sex work. I have known two people that are transgender and they are not what like this hateful person is describing. They are wonderful people who just want to be accepted. They are also feminists. I used to get mad when people made fun of feminists, but after reading a bunch off blogs I can see how full of fail some feminists and why some people don’t want to identify as such., Factcheckme if you read this, you are a disgrace to feminism.

      Jill, Caroline, Ren and the rest you guys are awesome!

  17. Deb you are absolutely right. Factcheckme is a disgrace to feminism. Actually she’s not even a feminist when it comes down to it. Just a fucking extremist hater hiding under a feminist sheet.

  18. Whether this will ever clear moderation on factcheckme’s blog,,,,, who know, who cares really. This was my response to the hateful shit in that blog.

    Well, let’s see how willing you are to uphold Laurelin’s post about not discrediting survivors.

    I saw a tremendous amount of violence and hatred in the sex industry. Had it perpetrated on me for a long time against my will. Their violence was the physical extension of their hatred for women. Because they saw women as beneath them, as deserving of pain, deserving to be punished, hurt, degraded. Spending a great deal of time being hurt by someone, in this case, a pimp, I got a very good sense for hatred, violence for the sake of it, suffering violence because I was viewed as less human somehow. In my case for being a prostitute.

    Jill Writes That hatred is just as clear here Factcheckme. Your unchecked hatred of people you view as lesser than you is just as palpable. The fact that you and I both have XX chromosomes may mean we share the same bathroom but I am far more worried about sharing any space, including a bathroom, with someone with as much hatred and as convinced you are some kind of saviour as I will ever be of any transperson.

    As far as your concern about odor. Hatred stinks.. Maybe you should look there to solve your problem.

    • Deb Sens says:

      It is a hatred of women on the Rad fems part wheither its Trans gender or sex works topics….they seem to HATE women if they don’t go with their goals…..and they really do dehumanize……I remember when I was first called a fun fem just bbecause I asked how can something be dregrading if the person doing it doesn’t find it degrading….

  19. Oops, I screwed up the italics,,,,, It should be Italicized and quoted as Jill Wries starting before “I Saw”

    Someday I have to learn to proofread.

  20. Gee, what a shock. It seems my post written above to the Femonade Blog didn’t clear moderation on factcheckme’s blog. So much for her policy of not discrediting survivors,,,,,,, although I”m sure factcheckme would argue she didn’t discredit me. Just gagged me with her moderation button………

    These rad fems kill me. All pompous and arrogant, puffed out chests, with their hugely inflated ego structures regarding their beliefs, and who owes them what. They are always talking about how they are bloody veterans of many wars with all the alleged pro porn enemies. Yet for tough talking, wannabe badass revolutionary soldiers, they don’t even have the fucking courage to face criticism. Instead they hide behind their pink feminist sheets when perpetrating their hatred and behind their moderation cues when faced with response to their hateful shit. Fucking cowards.

    Even if I totally hate the point of a person daring to stand up to my points, I respect that they do and it doesn’t even cross my mind to censor anyone. The rad fems seem only to want to be bellicose, pompous, loudmouths demanding rights for themselves while very cavalierly demanding others rights be denied. Their haughty “how dare you question me” bullshit, like they are fucking Moses parting the Red Sea……

    They posture about being freedom fighters, all that shit. Yet they can’t handle even professionally written critique. I despise a fucking coward and factcheckme, is just the latest in a string of them………..Factcheckme,,,,, Factcheck this factcheckme, for your bombastic rantings, you are nothing but another dime store hater hiding behind the moderation key……… A fucking hater and a God Damn coward, Fuck you.

  21. […] is: so how was that dude similar to some radical feminists? Because there are radical feminists out there who describe sex-positive women as “freely sexually avai… — usually in tones of rage, resentment and disgust. Yes, they use that phrase. They’re […]

  22. Ian says:

    A simple point here, how identical the feminist judgement of sexually assertive women is to tradition. Both start from the position of the woman as passively ‘giving herself’ for the man’s usage. Both imagine the only way a woman can assert equality to the overlord man is to reject him sexually, to refuse to be ‘subservient’ to his ‘sexual demands’.

    Of course there are circumstances when that is true and the woman is rejecting ‘demands’ she does not want. And that can be harder for her than for a man to reject a woman’s sexual demand (not that feminists can imagine a woman strong or sexual enough to make demands). But those are not the only circumstances!. They are the unfortunate borderline exceptions.

    The whole conservative-feminist view starts from the assumption of women as inferiors to men, only ‘providing’ sex for men, never actually wanting it in their own right, never capable of making a decision to accept or reject the man’s offer. It depends on a prejudgment of male supremacy and works back from that to interpret sexually active women as ‘giving themselves’. One side calls them ‘sluts’, the other ‘sex objects’ – same difference!

    How about deriving theory from observation instead of forcing observation to fit theory? How about seeing that there are and always have been a majority of women who never question they are men’s equals and if they choose men for sex, do so in the same way that men choose women for sex. When both sexes behave the same way and like the same things and in most cases enjoy being together for a relationship of which sex is only one part, just possibly they are both doing so because they take respecting each other as equals so much for granted and have done for so long that they are no more conscious of any ‘question’ than they are of whether Jews should be allowed into University. Hey? You what?

    It is the feminists who are living in the past, repeating just about every condemnation made by older women against ‘liberated’ younger especially in the 1960s but throughout just about all of history as well. They just use rhetoric of “women’s liberation” to do it in the same way as Stalin and Mao used the rhetoric of “workers’ liberation” to restore traditional imperial rule.

    Anyone who talks of women as ‘sexually available’ betrays their own view of women as sexually inert passive inferiors to men.

    There are three ‘dirty little secrets’ here. The first, I have covered already: these ‘feminists’ are just the same old ‘unliberated’ women terrified of men and of sex as ‘surrender’ that have always existed. They relate to the ‘sexual revolution’ as Stalin and Napoleon did to their political revolutions.

    Second secret is that it always was women who suppressed other women sexually. Men never risked pregnancy. Of course they no more wanted to stay with a woman they couldn’t rely on to stay with them than a woman would want a man to treat her as one of any number of casual screws when it suits him regardless of how she feels about it. But especially traditional upper classes knew perfectly well that there was often ‘a bit on the side’ on both sides, that just wasn’t spoken of. In 19th century France, men might parade their mistresses but those mistresses rarely pretended to be devoted to just one man either.

    Third dirty secret that feminists cannot stand: there is a difference in all mammals between male and female and it is not the one that feminists pretend. It is much more often men who approach women than vice-versa. With animals, that is almost always the case. the man finds something attractive about the woman. Often she makes herself attractive. There is something weird about a man who makes approaches to a woman he does not find attractive or whose behaviour makes it obvious that she is not on the lookout. HE offers to HER, she does not come running after him. So who is in charge there? He only makes an offer, SHE makes the decision whether to accept him or not. It is females who decide and control relationships, not males. If you want males in charge for women to come offering themselves for acceptance, you need James Bond fantasy. Women are more concerned with having to fight unwanted men off – sometimes literally. They don’t need to ‘subordinate’ and ‘ingratiate’ themselves for acceptance by men. Men do feel the need to offer themselves to women in that way.

    The whole feminist belief in women as feeble subordinates of men falls flat because women have always felt that as much as they might well want sex, they (usually) want it with the right man in the right way, not just with any man available. Because men are on the offering side for acceptance, they are much more likely to accept any woman who will accept them. The reality that feminists do not want to admit is that generally, women (females of any species) need a reason to accept males as sex partners – after all, there’s the whole ‘investment’ of pregnancy lurking in the deep instinctive subconscious – but males need a reason to reject females as sex partners. It is males who are ‘available’ not females, females who control whether there is a relationship not males.

    Sexually active women are not ‘available to men’, they are asserting their strength in recognising men as generally ‘available’ to women like any other female creature. The whole idea of women as ‘available’ comes from interpreting behaviour according to pre-existent belief in male superiority. A woman can always wonder if she might get a better offer: a man is likely to be making the offer and take whoever will take him better than nothing. He comes to her for her acceptance: women control relationships, not men.

  23. Gil Urioste says:

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