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Posted: December 20, 2009 in Morons

Okay, so remember a few months back some absolute moron decided to proudly declare that all porn was rape, delete comments, then more or less call me a rapist?  Well, here lately this same intellectual amoeba has been raging on against the great TransEvil, because you know, that is so gonna stop sexism, bring about world peace and lead to a better world and all, not to mention highly original.  Anyway, amid all this bigoted scat, she makes the following statement:

sex-pos transwomen–if i were born male, like you were, i might be “sex-positive,” too.  you know:  exhibitionist, pro-porn, and squeeee!-fully sexually available to men.  if only….

Now rightly, on behalf of sex positive women, Caroline takes some serious issue with this.  And well issue should be taken by everyone.  The idea that anyone, any woman, trans or cis, sex positive or not,  is “fully sexually available to men” is, oh, gee, a fucking RAPIST MENTALITY.  Flat out.  No question. Do not stop, do not collect 200 dollars.  She might as well have said “the slut deserved it”.    No woman-  no matter who she is or what she does or how she entered the world, regardless of exhibitionist or views on porn or squee factor-  is willingly “Fully sexually available” to “MEN”.  Let’s hit this with the hammer one more time:  The idea that any woman is “Fully Sexually Available to Men” is the attitude that fosters rape.  End of story.  So yeah, if this fucking meatbag is gonna call me a rapist, I am gonna say she- what with her spouted ideals and ideas about women- made me do it.

So yes, once again a fine example of sexism out of a Womyn Zealot Fool, and a fine display of rape enabling mentality, but also…

Well, hell, I love irony.

See, here we have a beset upon poor little lamb who is just trying to speak without being silenced and all (even though she deletes other people), setting out her (babble) hardline and all…but see, as a Radikal Femisssst! She is doing it all because women are so mistreated and beat down by men and men and transwomen just have sooooo much privilege and all…its just not fair!  Why do they hurt and abuse and degrade women and treat them like second class citizens?  Where is the damn respect for fellow human beings and all?

Heh, you ever hear the expression “don’t give none and you won’t get none”?

See, and I find the irony delicious, because here we have our beset upon idiot demanding that she and her views be heard and treated with respect with no room for disagreement whilst she wanders around treating other folk with zero respect and allowing them no room to speak.  Heh, does that shit ever really work?  Especially in any sort of lasting way?  I mean, is hating on transwomen, sex positive women, sex worker women, and women who do not think she is just sooooo awesome actually gonna get anything really accomplished out there in the really real world?

Fuck No.

In fact, we’re she to say shit like this out in the really real world it would most likely get her teeth kicked in…by women.  I mean, I do not know too many gals whom if you walked up to them and suggested they were fully sexually available to men would shine on it too kindly.  And being a feminist and saying it sure as hell would not save their ass bacon from the fire, in fact, I suspect it would make it worse..because feminists don’t say shit like that, rapists and asshole men who think they are entitled to have sex with any and all women do.

So yeah, looks like at least one feminist has  turned into one of those fuckers, even though she supposedly is all about women.

HAHAHAHHAA.  Oh shit I love it.

Man people are fucking morons…this shitsack being a fine exhibit A.

Movie I am loving at the moment…

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Awesome

Inglorious Basterds

(no, that is not a typo, check the DVD cover)…

Okay, so Brad Pitt and a bunch of badass Jews, plus one really rather hot and bad ass German decide to go all scoarched earth on a the Nazis…whilst another Badass Jew makes her own plans to do the same, all with lots of cool music, snappy dialouge, amid tension and a festival of violence…

How am I NOT going to like this movie again???

If scalping and killin’ Nazi’s does not offend you, I cannot recommend this movie enough.

And people who do not like Tarantino and Roth can save it.  This movie rocks.  They are in the killin’ Nazi business, and business is boomin’!  Beware the Bear Jew!!!!