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My Right Wing

Posted: December 16, 2009 in The Hardline According to Ren

“But I thought you were, like, really liberal?”

“No, I am a raging pervert, there is a huge difference…”

The time has come for this entry, and it is one I have been pondering for a long, long time. 

That’s right’ yall…sometimes, on some things, I might look left but I lean to the right.   Sure enough, it might make me dizzy on occasion, but there it is.  As Mulder would say- The Truth Is Out There…

So, yeah, since I feel like a Catholic in a Confessional, I might as well roll with it. 

As most of you know, I’m a libertarian, somewhere in that strange no mans land of political BS.  On a social/personal level, I lean way to the left.  Freedom of Religion for all, Pro Gay Marriage, Legalize Weed, I do not care what people who are of age and are consenting do in their bedrooms or other locations.  All people deserve the same basic rights and freedoms.  YeeHaw Freedom of Speech and Expression.  More money for good educations for youth, and a right to a fair trial should mean exactly that, regardless of wealth, race, gender or sexual orientation…yep, I am down with all that.  All of it. 

In other ways…well, hang on to your shoe strings for a minute. 

Ahem.  For those who get the reference- I am a hawk, not a dove.  People who think cutting our investments into the military (and all the programs that go towards taking care of our soldiers, past and present) is a good idea best stay the hell off my lawn.  Guns, why yes, we have the right to own those.  Death penalty?  Not used enough IMHO.  Why we are dumping millions and millions of dollars into helping other countries when we have millions and millions of jobless, homeless, starving people in need here pisses me off and makes no sense to me at all.  I believe the social welfare programs we have in the country need a serious overhaul…yes, people need help, and I am all for helping them.  Leeches, however, need to get salted.  Government strangleholds on industry not only make companies move overseas, but also fuck with peoples ability to earn a decent living.  It pisses me right the hell off that my tax dollars make sure freakin’ criminals have libraries, computers, better medical care than 3/4 of the non-criminal people in this country and cable television.  The Medical Profession needs to be reigned the hell in.  And if some crazy ass person (or people) out there thinks they have a right to blow up buildings, planes, trains, subways, churches, schools, government offices, whatever, well then, they should probably expect that the repercussions for such actions will in fact be dire…because if you let people get away with that crap once…they will just keep doing it.   People who call vets baby killers should be flayed.  People who sit around and do nothing other than bitch about how much the United States sucks should, oh, one, thank the United States that they have the right to do that here then go try protesting   Myanmar or Somalia, or write news articles in Russia, or rally in the streets in China. 

In fact, if you took out a lot of the godbaggery, sexual policing, homophobia, racism and sexism out of the Republicans….I just might be one. 

Scary, eh?