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Magic Stabby Game!

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Personal

today was, once again, magic stabby game for the neck.  Aside from sitting in the damn waiting room for 45 minutes, really not so bad.  Ah yes, needles are being shoved in my neck sans painkillers these days, but in all fairness- its also a lot less needles these days too (7-9 per time vs, oh, 27).  I was hoping today would be the last day of magic stabby game, but it looks like she wants to go at least one more time…just to make sure.

And then, the real fun begins when she cuts the whole mess open again!  Woohoo!

Amusing moment of the day;  Whilst leaving the doc, I rang up Mr. E to see where he had parked, and he starts yelling so I can find him (rather than answer the phone), in a very flustered manner.  So I scream back at him “Goddamnit, I am Jack Bauer and I will strangle you with that cordless phone!” Not knowing the reason he was not answering was he was on some big important conference call for work….he also forgot to mute his phone for our, ahem, yelling.  Apparently when he put the phone back to his ear all the people on it were laughing their asses off.  He has received several texts saying One, he will never live that down and Two, wanting to know if I actually strangled him with his phone…