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Holiday Cheer…

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Awesome

This may come as a huge shock to all of you, but holiday cheer is something I generally lack.  Since I am totally non-practicing and utterly indifferent to the whole thing, at casa del Evolution- we put up a Christmas Tree.  So the tree arrived last night, we dragged it inside because it was damn cold and gross outside, and then realized there would be serious issues fitting it into the stand.

And thus arrives holiday cheer for me, at least fleetingly, because you know, there is NOTHING in the world quite like standing in your living room, in work boots, goggles, and neon green winter pj’s, using a freakin’  chainsaw.  I suspect the idea of using a chainsaw indoors is not something most people would fathom, but I will tell you for the fans of the chainsaw, it was kinda fun.  And when it is your own living room and you know the mess that occurs will be your own to clean up, no worries about anyone telling you “no, you CANNOT use a chainsaw in the living room!” 

In fact, i recommend everyone use a chainsaw in their living room at least once in their lives.  Granted, I have been looked at oddly because the chainsaw generally lives in the kitchen, but hey…its my kitchen.