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Posted: December 12, 2009 in Humans

Why yes, my life here lately has been a little…odd and stressful….but that which does not kill us makes us stranger.  I have been dealing with real life meat space things, including (but not excluded to) “the burn”, bid’ness, wanting to beat people with sledgehammers, and, well, writing (IMHO) some TRULY killer fiction. 

But yes, here I am, back, to talk about not necessarily hardline, but something that has been on my mind a lot lately…

People who think they get it, me, everything, because they cannot realize that is the not the case because it is too damaging to their own egos. 

Deep, yeah?  I may look shallow and all, but…

This vexes me.  Point of order being that if you do not love the Comedian, the Four Horsemen, Wake up in the morning with the desire to do horrible things to people who probably deserve it, and a penchant for making life at little more stark and harsh and realistic (in that grim realist way), well, it just ain’t gonna happen.  If you cannot look oblivion in the eye and wink at it but still realize it will SO kick your ass…yeah, not gonna get it. 

People think they get things, especially other people.

here is my question….are they looking in a mirror and wanting to see what reflects good on all their notions, or do they actually want the truth???

Answers, please.

  1. I am dealing with some serious garbaggio in the lives of people close to me right now, and the only conclusion I can draw is that the overwhelmingly vast majority of people look into the mirror and see only what reinforces their preconceived notions of themselves. Anything that smacks of uncomfortable self truth is vigorously smacked down, even at great harm.

    These people are literally destroying the component of their lives that they overtly claim is most important to them because they cannot let go of a false self concept, and cannot let go of a corollary false concept of others. This is one of the most primal and tragic human drives.

  2. rootietoot says:

    I totally want my preconceived notions reenforced. Anything else makes me nervous.

  3. One of the most valuable members of my lab is a post-doctoral scholar who is not afraid to tell me when I am full of shit or otherwise blind to something.

  4. Gaina says:

    A lot of people want what makes sense to them and anyone who does not prop up their psychological safety blanket or fit in a nice cosy box that makes them feel superior about themselves and their values is immediately condemned as evil or mad and shunned.

    Me? I like honesty. At least you treat an honest person in the same matter-of-fact style without them getting their knickers in a twist (ever noticed how many people think it’s ok to say what they like to you, then suddenly get arsey when the tables are turned?).

    I’d rather have have three GOOD honest friends than be popular with a hundred lily-livered fakes.

    • yeah, people need to know if they are going to be blunt and tactless to you, they have to be able to take it back

      most can’t
      hell most don;t even think that wehn they are rude it counts, becuase they are jsut being honest or well intentioned or whatever

      • Gaina says:

        I know someone who hides behind ‘bi polar’ disorder as an excuse to be the most cruel, sarcastic bitch you ever wanted to choke. She hurt one of my friends quite deeply the other day after this girl had been really kind to her…..I couldn’t bite my tongue.

        There’s a huge difference between being honest and just being…well, a twat to put it bluntly :P. The motto ‘whatever you’re about to say, ask yourself ‘are my words honest, necessary and kind?’ is a good one. If I need to tell someone the truth I will do it, but in the most humane way possible, you know? Unless that person has been a twat to someone I love – then you just get it with both barrels. LOL

        • yeha I hate people like that..knon one or two in my time who had an excuse to be cruel that laso served as a guilt trip if you gave it back

        • hexy says:

          Part of my non-NT-ness is a lack of tact, and a tendancy to be overly blunt. Sometimes this can be hurtful.

          This isn’t something I can change… I’ve tried. But what I CAN do is recognise that it happens, keep an eye out for it, and be ready with the immediate apology and explanation if my defective brain OKs a sentiment that really shouldn’t have come out of my mouth.

          I have encountered some people with similar problems (and, notably, similar capacity to notice and attempt to make amends) who just… don’t.

  5. Roy Kay says:

    When I look in the mirror I see me. Who else is there to see?

    When I look at other people, I see how I have tended to value them based on numerous elements, but mostly how they treat other people and how much they seem to respect themselves.

    Vis a Vis a certain God Emperor of Rome I have run across, I see someone who has lived honorably, with pretty fair grace, been loyal to her people (and these people seem generally to deserve her loyalty), been exceedingly productive and prolific, live much of life large, and (since I DO value this) pressed her sexual capacity to the max. Plus easily a dozen or so virtues as yet un-recounted.

    Now apparently, she thinks she has a pretty fucked up head, and I can’t guage that. I read the words, her reports; and sometimes I am very glad to be spared the torments that disturb her peace. But even there – not enough to hold back any personal enthusiasm for her. (Then again, I’m a pretty accepting guy.) I’d certainly be proud to call her my friend and hope she’d feel the same about me. Wouldn’t mind living near her and hanging out with her.

  6. Carson D Carson says:

    In general I have to say I want honesty. I mean come on, that’s why we’re friends. I get pissy about it sometimes, but that’s because I’m a bit of a self absorbed asshole. Sometimes, though, you kinda have to go with the flow and keep the honesty to yourself. Usuually when you want to keep your job. So I can see why you’re asking the question, I think.

  7. Stone Fox says:

    Very few want the truth. If someone asks you for the Truth, chances are they do not want the Truth. People who look in the mirror and see the Truth never need to ask someone else to explain it.

  8. Erik says:

    When I look in the mirror I see a lot of spots and streaks. There is probably some Windex under the sink, but I just hate housecleaning.

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