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she’s baaaack…

Posted: December 12, 2009 in Humans

Why yes, my life here lately has been a little…odd and stressful….but that which does not kill us makes us stranger.  I have been dealing with real life meat space things, including (but not excluded to) “the burn”, bid’ness, wanting to beat people with sledgehammers, and, well, writing (IMHO) some TRULY killer fiction. 

But yes, here I am, back, to talk about not necessarily hardline, but something that has been on my mind a lot lately…

People who think they get it, me, everything, because they cannot realize that is the not the case because it is too damaging to their own egos. 

Deep, yeah?  I may look shallow and all, but…

This vexes me.  Point of order being that if you do not love the Comedian, the Four Horsemen, Wake up in the morning with the desire to do horrible things to people who probably deserve it, and a penchant for making life at little more stark and harsh and realistic (in that grim realist way), well, it just ain’t gonna happen.  If you cannot look oblivion in the eye and wink at it but still realize it will SO kick your ass…yeah, not gonna get it. 

People think they get things, especially other people.

here is my question….are they looking in a mirror and wanting to see what reflects good on all their notions, or do they actually want the truth???

Answers, please.