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Strange statement via the Webz

Posted: December 1, 2009 in Art, Sports

“Sport is for people who don’t know how to be creative.”

I find this to be a very strange statement.  Why?  I guess because I never figured that a love of watching or playing sports automatically rendered the creative side of the brain dead or dormant, and thus those who are involved in athletics or watch sports un-creative.    Aside from myself (who loves sports and also loves to write, draw, paint, dance, and make costumes) I know a lot of people who engage in both sport and creative activities.  I know a guy who is good writer and also likes basketball a lot.  I know a woman who is into watercolor painting, singing, theatre, and rugby.  I know a dude who writes his own music, writes and films his own movies, plays several instruments, and also loves to surf and skateboard.  I ran track with a gal who was quite the middle distance runner but if you set her loose with a propane torch and some metal, she would come up with some really cool and different sculptures.  I knew a ton of folk in theatre who also ran, or played soccer, or softball.  I got three varsity letters in sports in highschool, played two sports in college, and still managed to win awards for writing and art and be in several stage plays.   And personally, I am not sure how you look at something like this, or this, and do not see just how sports and creativity often really do just go hand in hand…ayep, all the way from the Olympics to a TV dance show…sport and creativity in concert and all.

Oh, wait, I get it…those sports are different?  Maybe?  Something?  I mean, those aren’t NFL football or futbol or basket ball or hockey or…whatever, eh?  Hummm.  Well, I believe there is some creativity there too.   People don’t think of doing stuff like this without some creative mind processes going on.

Who knows, maybe I just get annoyed when people assume jocks or athletes or sports fans are cretins whom are incapable of creating or appreciating art or being creative people or thinkers.