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As the end of…

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Art

2009 draws near…

All I can say is “good riddance”.  I’ll probably do some epic wrap-up post, but I will save that for when I have more energy and desire to do so.

In the mean time, I want to talk about another thing that is near and dear to my black and twisted heart…

Rachel Cervantes has an interesting link up to a post on the dehumanization of women in photography.  Not granted, some of those images are just outright fucking horrible no question, and I have never had much love for a great many of the PETA adds, however, I myself have been in a photo or two where “being seen as fully human” was so, not at all, on the agenda.  And while the idea was not to make me look like an animal, but rather a…machine… I have come to the conclusion I have very, very mixed feelings on this whole issue and what, exactly photos that portray woman as something other than human might be saying.

Some of them, without question, are intended to humiliate and degrade and make the woman seem weak or defenseless.  Others, however, while they may make her seem “other”, I am not so sure weak or any other such thing is the intent.  I mean, sure, I’m not wearing a whole lot in that there photo and even less is even being done to “recognize my humanity”, but I am not sure I would want to run into me in a dark alley either, you know?  And frankly, even Grace Jones in a Cage makes me wonder, because she looks like if anyone gets too close to that cage or she happens to get out???  She’ll rip them apart.  I even get that on some level a lot of folk object to the idea of women being compared to animals or machines on principle because the it is denying their humanity…but well, humans are animals…and as far as the animal kingdom goes, we really kind of suck, so I think at times the comparison is not at all a bad one…

Then again, that’s just me.  Being compared to apex predators and steel and gears will ALWAYS rate high in my book.

Thoughts on the matter, oh denizens of the Internet???

oh yeah…

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Personal

The most freakin’ perfect post picture for me….ever.

I was gonna title this post “Everything I ever Needed to know About Life I learned from ‘The Watchmen'” but I think someone else is using that title here shortly.

So yeah, lemmie wax on about the holiday cheer around this joint right about now…

Parents arrived last nite around 8.  Two hours after that my mom was- via 911 and an ambulance in the ER.  She’s been admitted and remains in the hospital now- we’re hoping to get her back here sometime tomorrow.   Nothing too tremendously serious, she’s feeling much better now, but yeah. 

Now, not to go into to great of detail ’cause I totally do not feel like it, but yeah, today I had the pleasure of seeing what one might call a medical professional of sorts, and while speaking to this fellow, it became clear to me he has very set (and old school) ideas about the way men are supposed to be and the way women are supposed to be- in the mental/behavior department.  I am sure a lot of folk come at life with this template in mind and base whatever off of it because they figure its probably not a bad base….but yeah, I am so totally not in the “supposed to be” department in just about all ways.  And check this y’all…that attitude and shit is sexist as hell and it pisses me right the fuck off.  It is not wise for one to assume that just because Miz Evolution has a vagina that she has issues and concerns and behaviors that one might deem”womanly”, because when ya do, you are only going to end up sorely disappointed.  And, well, I might laugh at/scare you.  I think I did both, actually. 

I have also been seriously lacking CoH/CoV in my life here lately….

So what does one do, after a long day of back and forth to the hospital and putting lights on a tree and (still) shovelling snow and dealing with shit???

You spend a fine bit of quality time with The Comedian and Rorschach.  And a beer.


Posted: December 23, 2009 in The Funny

That’s right, International Drunk Blogging Day…

See here for details!

Come on, you know you totally want too…


Posted: December 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

In case I don’t get around to saying it later…

Happy Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanza/ Ramadan/ Yule, y’all!

And a Good New Years to ya.


Posted: December 20, 2009 in Morons

Okay, so remember a few months back some absolute moron decided to proudly declare that all porn was rape, delete comments, then more or less call me a rapist?  Well, here lately this same intellectual amoeba has been raging on against the great TransEvil, because you know, that is so gonna stop sexism, bring about world peace and lead to a better world and all, not to mention highly original.  Anyway, amid all this bigoted scat, she makes the following statement:

sex-pos transwomen–if i were born male, like you were, i might be “sex-positive,” too.  you know:  exhibitionist, pro-porn, and squeeee!-fully sexually available to men.  if only….

Now rightly, on behalf of sex positive women, Caroline takes some serious issue with this.  And well issue should be taken by everyone.  The idea that anyone, any woman, trans or cis, sex positive or not,  is “fully sexually available to men” is, oh, gee, a fucking RAPIST MENTALITY.  Flat out.  No question. Do not stop, do not collect 200 dollars.  She might as well have said “the slut deserved it”.    No woman-  no matter who she is or what she does or how she entered the world, regardless of exhibitionist or views on porn or squee factor-  is willingly “Fully sexually available” to “MEN”.  Let’s hit this with the hammer one more time:  The idea that any woman is “Fully Sexually Available to Men” is the attitude that fosters rape.  End of story.  So yeah, if this fucking meatbag is gonna call me a rapist, I am gonna say she- what with her spouted ideals and ideas about women- made me do it.

So yes, once again a fine example of sexism out of a Womyn Zealot Fool, and a fine display of rape enabling mentality, but also…

Well, hell, I love irony.

See, here we have a beset upon poor little lamb who is just trying to speak without being silenced and all (even though she deletes other people), setting out her (babble) hardline and all…but see, as a Radikal Femisssst! She is doing it all because women are so mistreated and beat down by men and men and transwomen just have sooooo much privilege and all…its just not fair!  Why do they hurt and abuse and degrade women and treat them like second class citizens?  Where is the damn respect for fellow human beings and all?

Heh, you ever hear the expression “don’t give none and you won’t get none”?

See, and I find the irony delicious, because here we have our beset upon idiot demanding that she and her views be heard and treated with respect with no room for disagreement whilst she wanders around treating other folk with zero respect and allowing them no room to speak.  Heh, does that shit ever really work?  Especially in any sort of lasting way?  I mean, is hating on transwomen, sex positive women, sex worker women, and women who do not think she is just sooooo awesome actually gonna get anything really accomplished out there in the really real world?

Fuck No.

In fact, we’re she to say shit like this out in the really real world it would most likely get her teeth kicked in…by women.  I mean, I do not know too many gals whom if you walked up to them and suggested they were fully sexually available to men would shine on it too kindly.  And being a feminist and saying it sure as hell would not save their ass bacon from the fire, in fact, I suspect it would make it worse..because feminists don’t say shit like that, rapists and asshole men who think they are entitled to have sex with any and all women do.

So yeah, looks like at least one feminist has  turned into one of those fuckers, even though she supposedly is all about women.

HAHAHAHHAA.  Oh shit I love it.

Man people are fucking morons…this shitsack being a fine exhibit A.

Movie I am loving at the moment…

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Awesome

Inglorious Basterds

(no, that is not a typo, check the DVD cover)…

Okay, so Brad Pitt and a bunch of badass Jews, plus one really rather hot and bad ass German decide to go all scoarched earth on a the Nazis…whilst another Badass Jew makes her own plans to do the same, all with lots of cool music, snappy dialouge, amid tension and a festival of violence…

How am I NOT going to like this movie again???

If scalping and killin’ Nazi’s does not offend you, I cannot recommend this movie enough.

And people who do not like Tarantino and Roth can save it.  This movie rocks.  They are in the killin’ Nazi business, and business is boomin’!  Beware the Bear Jew!!!!


Posted: December 19, 2009 in WTF???

Technically, anything under Delaware is considered “the South”, right…I mean, DC, MD, VA…south, yes?

Then explain this to me, please…I mean, this looks like NY, or IL, or MN, or CO, or MA…

I swear there is a Saturn under there somewhere…

Raised windshield wipers, screaming “heeelllp meeee!”

That’s what a foot + of snow looks like on my deck railing…and still snowing strong!

20+ inches, y’all.

And, a view of  intrepid  traveller Vlad from his corner of the tundra!

Airports closed, roads a scary, scary disaster…Das Blizzard of 2009!


Posted: December 17, 2009 in Sex Work

Is international day to end violence against sexworkers.  Which, as you can probably guess, I am down with.

Remember, sex workers are people too.  Check out BoundNotGagged for events and details…

My Right Wing

Posted: December 16, 2009 in The Hardline According to Ren

“But I thought you were, like, really liberal?”

“No, I am a raging pervert, there is a huge difference…”

The time has come for this entry, and it is one I have been pondering for a long, long time. 

That’s right’ yall…sometimes, on some things, I might look left but I lean to the right.   Sure enough, it might make me dizzy on occasion, but there it is.  As Mulder would say- The Truth Is Out There…

So, yeah, since I feel like a Catholic in a Confessional, I might as well roll with it. 

As most of you know, I’m a libertarian, somewhere in that strange no mans land of political BS.  On a social/personal level, I lean way to the left.  Freedom of Religion for all, Pro Gay Marriage, Legalize Weed, I do not care what people who are of age and are consenting do in their bedrooms or other locations.  All people deserve the same basic rights and freedoms.  YeeHaw Freedom of Speech and Expression.  More money for good educations for youth, and a right to a fair trial should mean exactly that, regardless of wealth, race, gender or sexual orientation…yep, I am down with all that.  All of it. 

In other ways…well, hang on to your shoe strings for a minute. 

Ahem.  For those who get the reference- I am a hawk, not a dove.  People who think cutting our investments into the military (and all the programs that go towards taking care of our soldiers, past and present) is a good idea best stay the hell off my lawn.  Guns, why yes, we have the right to own those.  Death penalty?  Not used enough IMHO.  Why we are dumping millions and millions of dollars into helping other countries when we have millions and millions of jobless, homeless, starving people in need here pisses me off and makes no sense to me at all.  I believe the social welfare programs we have in the country need a serious overhaul…yes, people need help, and I am all for helping them.  Leeches, however, need to get salted.  Government strangleholds on industry not only make companies move overseas, but also fuck with peoples ability to earn a decent living.  It pisses me right the hell off that my tax dollars make sure freakin’ criminals have libraries, computers, better medical care than 3/4 of the non-criminal people in this country and cable television.  The Medical Profession needs to be reigned the hell in.  And if some crazy ass person (or people) out there thinks they have a right to blow up buildings, planes, trains, subways, churches, schools, government offices, whatever, well then, they should probably expect that the repercussions for such actions will in fact be dire…because if you let people get away with that crap once…they will just keep doing it.   People who call vets baby killers should be flayed.  People who sit around and do nothing other than bitch about how much the United States sucks should, oh, one, thank the United States that they have the right to do that here then go try protesting   Myanmar or Somalia, or write news articles in Russia, or rally in the streets in China. 

In fact, if you took out a lot of the godbaggery, sexual policing, homophobia, racism and sexism out of the Republicans….I just might be one. 

Scary, eh?

Magic Stabby Game!

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Personal

today was, once again, magic stabby game for the neck.  Aside from sitting in the damn waiting room for 45 minutes, really not so bad.  Ah yes, needles are being shoved in my neck sans painkillers these days, but in all fairness- its also a lot less needles these days too (7-9 per time vs, oh, 27).  I was hoping today would be the last day of magic stabby game, but it looks like she wants to go at least one more time…just to make sure.

And then, the real fun begins when she cuts the whole mess open again!  Woohoo!

Amusing moment of the day;  Whilst leaving the doc, I rang up Mr. E to see where he had parked, and he starts yelling so I can find him (rather than answer the phone), in a very flustered manner.  So I scream back at him “Goddamnit, I am Jack Bauer and I will strangle you with that cordless phone!” Not knowing the reason he was not answering was he was on some big important conference call for work….he also forgot to mute his phone for our, ahem, yelling.  Apparently when he put the phone back to his ear all the people on it were laughing their asses off.  He has received several texts saying One, he will never live that down and Two, wanting to know if I actually strangled him with his phone…