One of life’s small pleasures…

Posted: November 20, 2009 in The Gym

The Gym.

Now I realize that for some people, the idea of “the gym” is akin to a nightmare, and come to think of it, some of the equipment does look a bit like a medieval torture device, but I have got to say, I am a fan.  I will admit I am not the fan of cardio that I am of doing weights or the machines, but I do enjoy the overall experience of working out.  And I do have to say that doing so regularly has had one amazing side effect:  I am hungry often.  I have not forgotten to eat here lately. 

It is also interesting to me to see what parts of my body are surprisingly strong and which ones really do need some work.  My back and calves?  Scary.  My quads?  Not so much at all.  The leg press is not something I kick ass on…in fact, sort of the other way around, however for a female, my upper body is fairly…er…buff?

The gym is also a fun place to people watch.  I am an avid people watcher.  I get a kick out of watching folk at the gym….from the huge buff dude in the free-weight section who is fairly certain he is no doubt the cock of the walk to the unassuming grandma who gets on the tread mill and suddenly turns into Paula Jane Radcliffe.  I get a kick out of seeing the grins on the faces of people who have just finished a cardio kickboxing class- those tired, drained but “wow, that was awesome” grins. 

It is also one of those places I never fail to and never feel silly about laughing at myself…like when I am so short I have to stand on my tip toes to reach half the hand grips on the equipment or move the seats on everything almost all the way up. 

Going to the gym is one of those things I truly do take pleasure in.  I like the way it makes me feel, during and after.  Even if I am a little sore, or tired (or freakin’ starving!) it is a good feeling.

  1. Dead_Vladimir says:

    A good workout feels great, a not so good workout though can leave you vaguely dissatisfied once you are doign it often enough.

    Next we need to take you to boxing class

    • Ren says:

      lol I dunno if I am ready for that…you will be calling the EMT’s!

      • Dead_Vladimir says:

        hey, its a lot of abs and you want to do abs, plus its a class so you can take it at your own pace, nobody will hassle you

        • Ren says:

          “Hello, 911, the God Emperor of Rome is DOWN!”

        • That sounds a lot like the “Boxercise” class that friend of mine does, and she also raves about it. So, on that basis, I’m willing to second the recommendation.

          Apparently, it’s also a good way of getting rid of excess stress (I’m told that one time my friend’s partner asked her “Who were you thinking about in that session!?”)

  2. rootietoot says:

    why am I suddenly overcome with the memory of my 9 lb dachshund whupping the ass of a 60 pound pitbull last summer?

  3. Sina says:

    I also feel very good after doing a workout..the hard thing is to get my ass up and even go there! But even if i don’t go to the gym often, i walk up stairs at least half an hour a day, so i don’t have such a bad conicousness:-)

  4. Erik says:

    Exercise is a short cut to the grave.

  5. Yeah! I am a total motherfucking gym rat! If I don’t get to work out, I am a grumpy fucker.

  6. I love going to the gym! In fact, I’m on my way there in a few minutes. Luckily, it’s within walking distance. I know its difficult for a lot of women to develop upper-body but mine has been coming along rather nicely. In fact, I need to buy new bras now because my back is becoming so toned. I noticed I had gotten stronger when I started flinging open doors that were a lot harder to a mere month ago.

    I like the people watching as well. There’s a dedicated group of fellow gym rats during the time that me and my roommie would go during school session, 1h 45m before closing. We all have this silent “hey, wut up?” nod we exchange. 😛 Anyway, I don’t know how your gym is, but at mine, I notice that once the crowd thins out the guys feel more comfortable getting on the more “feminine” machines like the elliptical and girls will move into the free weight, “masculine” area. Contrarian that I am, I work out near the dudes most of the time.

    @Comrade: I get grumpy when I don’t masturbate or fuck for a while. If I don’t work out, I just start hating myself for being lazy.

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