T.H.A.T.R.- Pleasure

Posted: November 19, 2009 in The Hardline According to Ren

“Where I come from, everything that gives pleasure is good”- The Electric Hellfire Club: Where Violence is Golden

Now, now, now, calm down, I would not actually take that concept to heart, but I do like the phrase!  For instance I do not think killing/actually torturing people-even if one gets pleasure from it- is good.  Same goes for doing anything with people/things that have not or cannot consent, so on, so forth.  I still rather dig the quote though…

Be That As It May- let us move on from Nihilism and discuss pleasure! 

I am sure this shocks no one:  I am a big fan.  I like pleasure, I think pleasure is good.  It is one of those things worth living for, and it comes in many, many forms.  Some people take pleasure in creating something- a work of art, a piece of writing, building a chair, making a good meal, knitting a nice sweater.  Some people take pleasure in the company of and interaction with good friends.  Some like lively debate.  There are countless things that can bring one pleasure:  Good movies, a long relaxing bath, a delicious desert, a view of a nice sunset, a rousing hymn, a good stand up comedian…all kinds of things.

And I am of the mind that people deserve pleasure in their lives.  A lot of it.  It sort of goes with my whole enjoy the now and make the small things count vibe.  It may not matter in however long that I went nuts and felt like I was on cloud nine the first time the Broncos won a Superbowl…but damn, did it not put a smile on my face in the moment and for months to come.    So Feeling As I Do…I am not so sure I understand schools of thought or people who deride pleasure.  For instance, it is one thing to be rude and gloat when one wins at something, but why is it bad to take pride in that victory and enjoy it?  I don’t think it is.  Winning is pleasurable and should be enjoyed.  Why should one feel guilty for having a second slice of pie if they find pleasure in eating it?  And of course…ahem…why should people feel bad or whatever for fucking if it brings them pleasure?  I don’t get it.  Pleasure is one of those things that makes life worth living.  Pleasure, I think, makes life better.

I do or try to take pleasure in a whole lot of things:  writing, art, dancing, hanging out with friends, playing pool, sex, working out, watching football…hell…sleeping.  And I have found, the more I take pleasure in things and do things that give me pleasure…well…I am generally a much happier camper.  I’m in a better mood, nicer to and more tolerant of others, more productive and generally more pleasant.  I would tend to think this is good thing, no?  And sure, there are things that I take pleasure in that are not necessarily so good for me…I mean, I do like percoset, and when I was on it for my neck I really enjoyed it….but I know that while it felt good, not so good for me, and lessened other pleasures….so not so hard to forsake it in the name of other things I really enjoy. 

I absolutely think pleasure is a good thing for the human animal and so long as it is not something that violates or directly harms another person (non consenting one anyway) that there is no reason not to engage in it.  Thusly, I have never understood schools of  thought that prohibit or frown upon pleasure.

You take away pleasure, and life really does get a lot more grim.

  1. Dead_Vladimir says:

    sometimes though I think pleasure can be a bad thing, if all a perosn is soley focused on is there pleasure. But of course that’s true for any sort of obsession/all consuming desire.

  2. rootietoot says:

    Pleasure is something I’ve had to learn. I was raised in a family that believed pleasure is circumstantial, if it happens in the course of doing Good Deeds, then that’s ok, but one does not actually actively seek it for it’s own sake. Consequently I still have a hard time doing something just for the fun of it. Now, before you throw something at me, my libertine husband has taught me how to have fun and I’m learning that pleasure for it’s own sake is ok , so long as I’m not neglecting More Important Things. (my caveat, not his)

    I admire and perhaps envy people who can just go out there and PLAY, without justification or excuse, just for the fun of it.

    • Roy Kay says:

      Glad you have a libertine husband, rootietoot. I hope you have lots of fun with him.

      And you know, their IS a strain of Calvinism that rather insists on the display of joy, so that others might find joy in the same path. You wouldn’t have to be a hedonist. You’re just practicing evangelism! 😉

  3. Erik says:

    Are you familiar with the original Hellfire Clubs, founded and patronized by English aristocrats in the 18th century? They drank and gourmandized, consorted with prostitutes (sometimes referred to as “Nuns”), blasphemed and satirized religion and generally scandalized their age. Rather like the Alfalfa Club today in Washington DC. (Not really — the latter is a dull affair by comparison.) Aleister Crowley picked up the club motto “Fais ce que tu voudras” (Do what thou wilt) and put it to his own bad purposes.

  4. Gaina says:

    This is a question I like to ask the anti fun brigade: If pleasure was bad, or not necessary for our well-being and general effectiveness then why would we have a part of the brain that makes us feel it?

    Funnily enough I never get any answers, just the sound of tumble weed that says ‘I rest my case’….

    My rule is that as long as my actions don’t harm a child, animal or non-consenting adult and I’m willing to take responsibility for any repercussions my actions bring upon me, then other people can bite it.

    • rootietoot says:

      I see the logic in that, but y’know, it takes alot of time and energy to trump an upbringing.

      You know what the funnest non-useful thing I’ve ever found? Roller coasters. Nothing redeeming or useful, just fun.

  5. belledame222 says:

    Pleasure. Yep, I’m a fan.

  6. Yep. This is why sick-fuck right-wing shitbags are such angry nasty vicious cockbags.

  7. rubyfruit says:


    This, so much. Especially the last– You take away pleasure, and life really does get a lot more grim.

    It’s part of why I think that the “Everything’s A Sin” crowd are so miserable.

    • rootietoot says:

      *sigh* define “everything”. Children are a pleasure, not a sin. Sex with a monogamous partner can be a great pleasure, and is not a sin. Likewise with good food, the company of friends. Do these not fall under the umbrella of “everything”? What is it with these blanket statements? Why is it permissible for one demographic to use them but not another? Seriously, you frustrate me.

      • rubyfruit says:

        When I said “Everything” in that sense, I meant “Stuff that most people don’t consider to be slightly bad, let alone a crime against one’s Deity of Choice”. Things like playing cards, wearing dangly earrings, or watching trashy television.

        I was raised Pentecostal, where all of those things and then some were lumped into the “Sinful” pile. So…I hope that this comment clears up the one above.

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