The Magic Stabby Game…

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Was played on my neck today- then two hours worth of traffic to get home from the docs.  So, no nihilism post today.  Tomorrow, yes, today, no.

Advice to the masses- never get set on fire.

  1. Rachel S. says:

    Okay, check. Thanks for that.

    p.s. Feel better.

  2. Forgive my ignorance, Ren…but why do they have to stick all those needles in your neck, anyway?? I thought that they would have had to remove the affected tendons and let natural healing run its course.

    Just interested in a medical sense.


    • Ren says:

      AK: the majority of the scars on my neck were keloids, big, huge thick ones that severely restricted motion and such…once one has those, merely cutting shit out usually results in more keloids- which would have been worse. So, the injections which are a cortizone steroid compound are being used to soften up and reduce the size of the keloids before surgery is done to minimize the risk of….just having fucking up scars that are not going to allow me to move again.

  3. Anthony, possibly injecting cortisone or collagen? I have heard of this from my customers.

    Ren, my best Deadhead vibes are with you, love. (((kisses)))

    • Beste says:

      Pretty sure that the Magic Stabby Game is Needling

      [edit] Needling
      Needling is an inexpensive process where the scarred area is continuously needled to promote collagen formation. Once needled the area is allowed to fully heal, and needled again if required depending on the intensity of the scar. Scarring needles and needling rollers are available for home use; however, needling should not be done on parts of the face or areas where major nerves are located without professional medical supervision. Needling at home must also be done in line with hygienic and sterilization requirements.

  4. ahem it’s tomorrow-where is my nihilism post? I need the absolute truth it promises!!!

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