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Posted: November 15, 2009 in Assholes

That the fearless crusader responsible for the Funny Blogs is none other than the ultra charming Mary Sunshine.  This cannot be proven, and while I really like proof, I figure at this point if Other Special People do not need proof, I am not going to bother (plus there were a few rather stupid moves on her part re: logins that make her look pretty suspect).

Now, I am still very amused (except for the use of certain cartoon on the blog for me- one, racist, two, I am so not a sacrifblonde), but be that as it may, and seeing as I am a horrible psycho who does things like eat babies, skin small live animals, sacrifice righteous feminist women to my penis bearing horned god, hedonistically, aggressively and willingly engage in sexual congress with men and occasionally vote libertarian, I feel it is time to make a few points and observations about the Radical Feminists of the Internet.  Having been a favorite of theirs for over three years, I have had plenty of time to see how this works after all.  And why yes, to some this might merely be a waste of proverbial ink, I consider it my patriotic and civil duty.

However, of all my observations, only one really matters:  Radical Feminism, as it is represented by RFI’s, is a hate movement.

There.  I said it.  Other people have said it before and I actually, to an extent, took exception to this characterization.  I am generally very leery of anyone calling various movements which are not obviously and overtly so hate movements.  However, I have changed my mind.  These women advocate the end of hatred of women by men, yet all they do is throw hate out into the world themselves.  Hatred of men, of transwomen, of non-right singing tune sex workers, of liberal feminists, of kinky women, of pretty much anyone and everyone who does not believe as they do.  They employ racists, classist, ableist, ageist, and why yes, even sometimes sexist language and attitudes fairly often.  But the hate, it’s still pretty evident. Sometimes they mask this with concern- some do not even bother (which I actually have more respect for), but at the end of the day- if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck-  good bet its a damn duck.   These things, they are not the tenants of a “womens movement”. They cannibalize their own for disloyalty, whine about being silenced and picked on when their hands are just as bloody, utterly fail to take responsibility for their own words and actions, lie, and behave often so cowardly it is truly pathetic.  Hate movement, pure and simple. 

And for all those who are going to say “but I’m not like that!” All I have is this:

If you harbor it, condone it, allow it to slide, do not call it out, do not refute it, or do not say things are wrong when you know they are:  You are no better. 

At least I am fuckin’ honest about my rage and hate of various things.

  1. FW says:

    Sad. Dead on true, but sad.

    They scream about the patriarchy and say sex, objectification etc. upholds it – which a lot of us know is bullshit – that sex will actually tear down the patriarchy – but nope they refuse to see that. Which makes me have to think that they don’t actually care about the patriarchy all that much, what they care about is dirty dirty sluts being dirty – which really just seems to be a whole shitload of sour grapes if you ask me. ( I’m almost positive that’s what it is, because I’ve got piles of my own sour grapes – but I try to remember how much I loved them when they were sweet) It’s like a middle school revenge fantasy on all the cheerleaders or something – (and i don’t like that they make me feel like i hafta qualify myself by saying that I was the cheerleader antithesis – that shouldn’t matter, that’s the whole point) – And the fucked-up-most part is that the prostitution and porno and sex work and people having the freedom to choose and make mistakes and survive and live their own way is the ONLY way to defeat the “patriarchy” that they claim to want to tear down.

    grr ok i ramble — and on libertarianism – I saw tigerbeatdown yesterday and there was a post on Megan Fox (the dirty whore), it was one of those ‘conversation’ things. there’s a link to it somewhere through my name :

    “SADY: […] i think the only people who think it is empowering are people who don’t get structure, and are kind of libertariany and weird.

    AMANDA: yeah. “i do something, and i am a woman, so that thing is empowering for women” doesn’t really make sense”

    ahhhh Libertariany and weird === which is like — are you fucking kidding me? Does she have a clue what “libertariany” actually is? It’s that ignorance of what Libertarianism is that kills me, just kills me… Because there is either LIbertarianism , or Authoritarianism —- and these chicks are choosing sides through that ignorance – or at the very least perpetuating a dangerous stereotype about libertarians that the Authoritarians LOVE to see perpetuated.

  2. Ernest Greene says:

    Yes, well, I know a little about hate movements. I’ve been up against them most of my life.

    And I recognize one when I see it. I especially recognize one when I’m the object of its hatred, which is remarkably like that of any other hate movement. Hate is not exactly a subtle emotion with many nuances to parse. It’s about as blunt as an ax-handle to the cranium.

    Again, you speak the sooth. I have no doubt you’ll be rewarded with the only thing that hate movements have to bestow – more hate. Considering the source, I find few things more flattering.

  3. belledame222 says:

    ew, the “possibly related posts” autogenerator links to mAndrea. oh, the ironing.

  4. rootietoot says:

    Several years ago I was dogpiled by these people. How I even happened on their radar escapes me, but anyway…since then they have had NO credibility with me. I also remember several people (including the incomparable Belledame) coming to my defense, even though they actually kind of disagreed with my POV. *That* to me, is what real feminism is about, allowing room for different views. I will never, ever forget that.

  5. Roy Kay says:


    …….without HATE, someone might think they was FUN feminists … and the only proof of depth of feeling (and therefore exalted truth) is how aptly one bests nihilism in the joy one wants to take out of life.

  6. rootietoot says:

    “how aptly one bests nihilism in the joy one wants to take out of life.”
    This is what makes me truly sad for them (when I’m not going phphphht), is the dearth of joy. Life is joyous, or it can be, if you know how, and they’re constantly feeding their discontent rather than looking for the fun. (which is not the same as joy, but they can coexist)

  7. Erik says:

    “seeing as I am a horrible psycho who does things like …sacrifice righteous feminist women to my penis bearing horned god…”

    We knew from previous blogs that you are Jewish, but until now we did not know that you are observant! Mazel Tov!

  8. Alexa says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. I agree 110% with the assertion that it is little more than a hate inspired group of people.

  9. Erik says:

    I have been googling around trying to find the Mary Sunshine who has been slandering Ren – blonde! outrageous slur! – and come across the following:

    1. Good Morning Mary Sunshine – whose blog is intended to share “my enjoyment and gratitude to God for creating me and allowing me to thrive in my home setting” and features photos of quilted dogs and lemon-scented soap. Don’t think she is the culprit.

    2. LIttle Merry Sunshine – who wants to “write about what inspires me and maybe you too, and further the discussion about how we can listen to our better angels.” She loves Christmas music and her cats Betsey and Ross. Merry scratches her head over a little trick-or-treater who came to her door costumed as a pimp, but that is about as negative as she gets.

    3. And the Mary Sunshine on MySpace – with Gerber daisies for wallpaper and endliess photos of her kids playing sports. Also proclamations such as “Proud to be Canadian,” “Proud to be American” and “Legally Italian.”

    I now have a toothache from all the saccharine, but my researches clearly have not uncovered Mary Sunshine the Hater. Links, anyone?

    • I’ve never gotten the trope of some radfems and “kiddie” or “sweetness and light” nicknames – “Sis”, “Mary Sunshine”, “Heart”, etc. Some weird recovery/inner child/new age bleedover into Cultural Feminism perhaps.

    • belledame222 says:

      try adding relevant search strings.



      Heart Says:
      July 25th, 2009 at 11:22 am
      Jeyoani thinks it’s a game for one of these women — that she gets on the internet and writes all of this stuff basically for sport, because she’s sadistic and thinks it’s funny when someone takes her seriously. She also thinks it’s wierd that someone who so vigorously advocates for infanticide has the screen name “Mary Sunshine.” It does feel agent provocateurish. But the internet is a bizarre world these days, the “feminist” blogosphere seems more and more caricature-ish, who knows who is serious and who isn’t. I don’t know whether anyone of this crowd is serious or not. I just think they fell off into that wasteland where the only thing that energizes you is some version of hatred, some kind of dominance, which is again bizarre, given that they are supposedly anti-sm/anti-subordination.


      oh. the ironing.

  10. Kim (Spacerocket, baby!) says:

    I second Rootie’s first post.

  11. James says:

    I worked this out a while ago. You expressed it a great deal better than I thought it though.

    Most recent post on my blog is related.

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