Newsflash: The Joke is On You!!!

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Morons

425watchmen2071808This just in:

At least one or more of the Radical Feminists out there are not only annoying, but immature children who should be immediately sent back to the second grade to learn a few things, including basic LOLZ.

Why, you might ask?  Well, for this.  Which they, oh, used a net-comrade of mines name for, and it looks like they have one in the works for me too (shit, they cannot even get that right, I don’t claim to be a feminist, but damn, I do like money!) And of course, it is just packed with bullshit and transhate and all kinds of good shit.

Oh, and check this part.  Last time I checked, Belle did not have to ‘bid’ me to do anything…and please, it is either “nihilist” or “violent sociopath” please!  And shit, maybe if y’all quit eating your own life would go smoother for you.  Seriously.  This is a truth right here, kittens: If you did not act like hateful, arrogant morons, people might like you more.  And since you DO seem to be overly concerned with people hating you (poor babies) then that is something you might want to consider. 

Now, you’d think that I might find this annoying enough to oh, write wordpress about or consult the lawyers or something, but nah…see cause then they would WHINE (like always) about Those Freaky Meanies SILENCING them (again…), and, personally….

I think it is funny.  I am freakin’ amused by how threatened they are by people like Belledame and myself.  Why yes, their angst and childish attempts at…whatever…amuse me.  A lot.  See, I am a sadist.   I do just freakin’ laugh about how mean and hateful and psychotic they seem to think we are when they pull shit like this…anonymously no less.  See, I really, really do love to hate on and mock cowards.  It is like a sport for me.  Small pathetic game, but still worth shooting at.  HAHAHAHA, to bad I can’t get paid for that!  Shit, if they think I am bad now, imagine what I’d be like if I could make money doing it! 

Well, little girls, if you think we’re the ones making you look like idiots, I am afraid you are mistaken.  You do that all on your own, and this latest bit in the game (anyone remember the Wasp Blog?  HAHAHA) only goes to show just how well you do it. 

I’d say xoxo or 🙂 🙂 🙂 like seems to be so popular with the sisterhood and all, but since I am twisted and all, instead I say the Joke is On You (and spit, cause that shit turns me on).

    • Ren says:

      What I LOOOOVE is that some Rad Fems get all pissy when they get hated on because of the antics of other Rad Fems. See, when you run with morons like this, it tends to poison the well and all. If various Rad Fems do not wished to be thought of like THESE rad fems, perhaps they should sit them the fuck down and have a conversation….

  1. Stone Fox says:

    ren, they called you a “narcissistic psychopath” how awesome is that?!

    you know you’re big time when you start getting spoofed by trolls.

    • Ren says:

      Oh, I get called a narcissistic psychopath by this lot ALL THE TIME.

      You know, you think they would be smarter about POKING a psychopath, amiright? I mean, would you really want one of those ANGRY at you???

      Course, they figure that doing this shit anonymously will protect them from psychopaths. Sigh. Error in judgement on their part. Alas.

      • Roy Kay says:

        I’ve always wanted to worship your psychopathy, but you’ve been too narcissistic to pay attention to the worthiness of ME ME ME! for your cult.


        • Stone Fox says:

          those narcissists are always all about themselves. honestly, it’s just selfish!

          ren: i would never poke a sleeping bear, either. psychopaths are usually highly intelligent; can the same be said for rad fems? (OOOH, a STINGER!)

          just sayin’.

  2. machina says:

    Isn’t humour supposed to be funny?

    They haven’t been updated since August 12 last year though, so I gues we’re denied any more “LULZ”.

  3. sybil disobedience says:

    I sit them down. I verbally smack them frequently. Which results in my getting banned from their blogs. I call them on their white privileges, their class privileges and their stunning ignorance when I see it. I disagree with you on some things about the sex industry, but I can manage to still respect you and other women at the same time. Which is something that endlessly pisses me off about many feminists. One doesn’t have to be an insulting fuckwit to disagree with someone else. And I’m not down with the “women must be brainwashed or just don’t know any better” bullshit. And I really really dislike anyone trotting out my NA sisters as evidence of how bad the sex industry is, when that abuse is racism and not about sex.

    I could go on and on. I’m still a radical feminist, but silence =’s consent and I will not consent to that crap in my name.

  4. sybil disobedience says:

    The repeated use of LULZ on that first link seriously annoys me.

  5. Caroline says:

    Where the FUCK is my spoof blog? 😉

  6. Amazing what free access to WordPress,com will do, ehhh??

    I’m guessing that they have to resort to such chicanery after getting their asses kicked intellectually too many times.

    I’m sure that Belle, being a grown, mature woman and all, will give them the proper response. But, just to be spiteful, I posted a comment on both spoof blogs (Belle’s and Ren’s) clarifying the matter and linking to the official blogs. I’m sure that they won’t get past the mod queues, but I’m in a frisky mood for troublemaking.


  7. Eli says:

    After the initial WTF reaction, it *is* sort of funny that they obsess about you this much, oh Notorious One! And as they say, any publicity is good publicity. Now I almost wish someone did a hateblog about me…

    Next we’ll see fanfic, perhaps? =P

  8. It’s intellectually on a par with children writing “so-and-so is a pooface” on the toilet walls at school. And much less effective!

    Being hated by such people is clearly high recommendation.

  9. Meadester says:

    What brought these spoof sites to you attention after they had been sitting in their lonely little corner of the internet for a year and three months?

    • Ren says:

      My good buddy Trinity.

      • belledame222 says:

        I got a comment from someone else, too; I guess they followed a trail of crumbs from some current thrash and stumbled on it or something, and were momentarily confused by my name being signed to some transphobic crap. Which is probably enough of a reason to get it taken down if it’s within WP’s purview. I mean they figured it out and I think most people would, but even so, fuck off. They can at least strain themselves enough to think of a hilarious nickname.

  10. Wait, what? A whole blog about Belle? Damn!

    And I thought *I* had troll issues recently….

  11. rootietoot says:

    I love Belle. She thinks so…*fast*

  12. rootietoot says:

    What I’m trying to figure out, and can’t wrap my poor Oppresssed mind around is the intent of these blogs. What is the point of doing a spoof thing like that, especially when you don’t have the energy or intellectual capacity to keep it up (as, based on the dates and all, the perpetrators don’t). *why*? I want to know WHY?

  13. Lucy says:

    Based on circumstantial evidence, it appears to be the work of Mary Sunshine. She was sloppy in posting under her own ID at Radfemphobia and “I’m Eating Blueberries Therefore I’m Transphobic”, just coincidentally on the exact same day as the posts at the other blogs. I could be wrong, but I’m not a big believer in coincidence. Certainly I can see her doing this sort of thing based on what I’ve read of her at Howly Blog and other radfem hate sites.

  14. sybil disobedience says:

    I hate to be the buzz kill, but you’re not really and truly cycber popular complete with cyber trophy until an ugly goth cam chick spends half an hour ranting about you instead of her usual Im so aloof in that gothy goth way crap.

    I won THAT trophy. *smug*

  15. sybil disobedience says:

    Oh! And I forgot my best cyber trophy evar!

    Getting booted and banned from Yahoo Christian Voice Chat all because I adopted an east Indian accent and sang Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam.

  16. belledame222 says:

    O hai, someone sent me the heads up this morning. “like being savaged by a dead sheep.”. I was going to ignore it, but yeah, using the name does violate WP’s TOS , so wth, I sent them a heads up. could’ve as well ignored it anyway, I figure. eh, six of one. -flick-

  17. belledame222 says:

    but hey, Ren, it looks like apparently I’d turned you out as Head Wasp somewhere in there. before -I- was -your- minion/sockpuppet. sorry to out nefarious you, dude.

  18. I think it is time to either copyright the name Renegade Evolution or iincorporate under it

  19. What are those fuckers in like third grade? Sheesh.

  20. Ick. It’s not even funny or clever. When batshit FA said that I was “Amanda Marcotte + sex” – that was at least fucking clever, if creepy as fuck.

    Seriously though, how dull and pathetic. *clap clap*

  21. antiprincess says:

    Oh, and I am so NOT her type

    that’s what makes it such a delicious fic.

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