What makes gaming fun…

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Gaming

gandrtwitchTonight I had perhaps one of the funnest evenings I have ever had playing City of Villains.  Without question.

A group of my friends (some just via game, some real life who also play CoV) made up characters who are supposed to be the family of one of my Big Time Villains, Darwina.  I too made up a “little brother” to play with this lot and tonight the whole crew of us, seven in all, got together to play. 

It was a blast.  People had it so down: the look, the completely cracked attitude…plenty of sheer joy of playing a scumbag villain who does not care about plans, or tactics, or anything other than massive mayhem.  And yeah, there was a whole, whole lot of swearing.  I am sure other folk were playing their characters and just staring and this insane crew, who all look somewhat alike, all with the same last name, running around just..well…trashing everything.  No bullshit, no gamer ego, no any of that…just pure out breakneck speed fun. 

It Was Awesome.

I will have to get a shot of the whole family at some point, but up there?  Gibson and Rictor, as played by Vladimir and myself (mine is tattooed kinda wiry red head in the coat- Rictor).

In truth, online gaming does not get any better IMHO.

  1. for the record, Gibson is the good looking one to the left

  2. rootietoot says:

    See, that sounds like it would be fun to play. I’d have trouble figuring out how to be a villain, being so nice and all, it wouldn’t come naturally. I’d end up smacking someone and then saying “oh I’m sorry, did that hurt?”

  3. Hanna says:

    That is so villainous, though!

    Smack first, ask questions later.

  4. rootietoot says:

    ok, so I’ve cobbled up a villain named Sugar, and am muddling through the tutorial to figure out how to play her. She’s short and smiles sweetly.

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