I can’t find the right words…

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Personal

flagI wanted to post something meaningful about this today…yesterday, actually.  I started off several posts in my head- thinking about vets I have known in my life; grandfathers, uncles, cousins, friends, women and men both; people like my grandfathers who both fought in the Second World War (neither for the US, oddly enough- my mother’s father was RAF, my fathers father in the Russian Army), the Uncles I have who were in Vietnam…my father in law who has been in the Army since he was 18, was also in Vietnam and countless other places… women like Stagger Lee, Ginmar, and Irina the Red, men like my brothers high school bud who was in Desert Storm…

I had things to write about today.  How I do not forget the service you have done for us all, the sacrifices you have made, the things that you have seen, the way you are often treated. 

Somehow though, I did not say them.  I did not get it right.

So here is a picture of the front of my house- taken this morning on a rather cold and grey day.  The Flag looks bright though- and I guess to me that still really means something.

Thank you- all of you. 


  1. Stone Fox says:

    you got it perfectly right, ren.

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