Posted: November 11, 2009 in The Gym

I am wiped.  Good workout at the gym today, however I am certain my triceps are going to be so sore tomorrow that pulling my hair up into a pony-tail might be a Herculean Feat!

I do have to say I am rather impressed with how actually strong I am, physically and all. Granted, I am wee, but I can seem to bust out a fair amount of reps with at least half of my body weight on several things upper body wise.    I do laugh with some of the equipment though because I am literally standing on my tip toes to reach the hand grips.  It is just so comical it is hard not to laugh at.

And, it is a matter of pride and vanity and all, I admit it freely even:  some women envy other women’s figures, weight, hair, so on…you know it is freakin’ nice when you are the woman at the gym that other women are looking at and thinking “damn I wish I had her arms/shoulders”- in that purely women who work out kind of way.  Granted, they are probably happy they do not have to be on their tip toes to reach most of the equipment!  I also got a grin out of the fact that myself and one very fit looking Korean gal were the only two women (in a very packed gym) using the free weights at all.  Us and like a billion dudes.

Which I must also add, I feel a little bad for my workout partner- he does not have nearly the eye candy factor in the free weight section that I have…

  1. yeah the female eye candy is in the classes and the cardio section
    but guys work out in the free weights not to see eye candy but to become it

  2. rootietoot says:

    Sometimes I wish for that sort of physical confidence, but then I go into the kitchen and make something amazing, and my ego is salved.

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