Oh my my my what do we have here?

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Sex Work, WTF???

tmgibbsNormally right now I would be taking the opportunity to point out the utter fail Amanda M has displayed- yet again- when it comes to the sex industry and how women have used it- namely ‘Playboy’- to Get Things They Want (from plain old money to add campaigns to movie deals to free advertising for their ventures too…) but you see, old hag me (see, shit, I am way over 23 and all) has decided instead to crown myself Super King Big Nuts and just- oh- say a few things that have been eating at my black little soul wrt to Amanda and 90% of the shit she says anyway…

But before I begin, was it not Amanda who was just positively empowerful as fuck and defending herself like mad when, oh, she got a hat tip from dear old playboy not so so long ago?  Why yes, I do think it was!  Humm, once again, I guess it is all good when people are gushing all over Amanda rather than the rest of the unwashed masses, eh?  Then again, what do I know?  I am not a young indie hipster with non-fake perky tits who has book deals (and fucking horrible book covers) like super-cool I R SO AWESOME Amanda now, am I? 

Yet still, I do wonder how old hag from working class roots fake boobied nude modeling/strippering/porning blah blah blah little old me ever managed to be…and I do not ever generally say this…so much smarter than Uber Cool Amanda there?  I mean, could it be that when I decide to open my mouth I actually know what the fuck I am talking about rather than trying to make myself sound so much better and more empowerful than all those other girls?  Could it be that I take, and have done so for a great many years, the opportunity to educate myself on various matters-from sex workers rights to freakin’ Roman History- before acting like a fucking idiot about topics of which I know nothing?  Could it be, what, that because I am older than she who is so hip and perky and just with the beat of the new generation and omniscient on all its workings just don’t honestly give a fuck about being “cool” anymore?

Could it be because I do not claim to be a feminist then use words like “bimbo” or trash other women for their looks or how they personally may or may not find things to be empowering? 

And I do have to wonder just what precious dear little Amanda knows about how seriously women in the sex biz do or do not get taken.  I hazard a guess at a big fat nothing.  Nada.  Zero, zip.  However, not actually knowing anything has never stopped Amanda from opening her trap before now, has it?  I am sure if someone were to ask the Perky Wonder Girl what was the best way to rotate rice farming on overused patties in a the dry season in the Eastern Province of China…with tweezers… she would have an answer- no research needed- because she is just Amazing(!) that way.  And, as it is so often, I would be willing to bet her answer would be wrong.  Because you see, as I sit here in my industrial bunker plotting the downfall of modern civilization I am well aware of many women in the sex industry who are taken very seriously.  Seriously enough that they have helped found and fund health care organization, spoken to and with law makers, are invited and respected guests in University settings, have news columns, work in the field of human rights, are on the news…and why yes, and perhaps the biggest testament to just how seriously they are taken…are threatened, feared and silenced.  You know you have hit the big time of being taken seriously when people start to threaten you, and do so with serious intent and malice.  You know no one is just giggling away when they are afraid of you.  You know that people fear just how seriously you can be seen when they actively attempt to erase you.  At that point you know that you are being taken seriously and other people fear just what the hell you might have to say.  And it does not matter how young and cute you are or how old you are or any other such thing:  the second people threaten you, show fear, or try to shut you up, well, being taken seriously becomes a goddamn in your face fact of reality. 

That being the case….hummm, who are the fun, stupid, bimbos now and who are as serious as  crate full of AK-47’s?

Why yes, that’s what I thought. 

But now, now, I won’t be all mean, after all, I should just sit back and let Amanda bask in her own perkiness and empowerfulness and all that.

I’ll be over here polishing my AK and wondering how the fuck she ever got out of college with all her crappy “facts”.

  1. greyfox280 says:

    Amanda rolls a one on her Wisdom check. Then again, I kinda get the feeling she has a -2 penalty to begin with.

  2. rootietoot says:

    I don’t think there is anything(or one) sillier than a young hipster who thinks they know everything. Even if they *are* high on the intelligence scale, simple lack of experience kinda renders them…I dunno…uncredible (is that even a word? it is now!) That’s not to say just because one is young that one is automatically stupid, but the ones who think because they’re young and perky they’re on the top of the Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Brahman of Culture..well now, that’s ridiculous and laughable. I was a young hipster once (in my own dork way), and thought I knew it all, but with 25 years of retrospect I can see how irritating I was. One day when she discovers a grey hair and the boobies point south, she’ll wake up and realize how embarrassing her behavior was.

  3. Roy Kay says:

    From the blog > Do I think this is fair? No. I think that it would be a better world if someone could both be in Playboy and be a congresswoman.

    Yes. Yes it would. So why not try to create that better world instead of deriding the Playmate? Oh. Because being so knowing is what makes you so smart! And being so empowerfully smart in what you deride is a great way to fit in with the culture she pretends to disparage.

  4. Dead_Vladimir says:

    I’m only going to comment on the sexy sexy picture in the post.

  5. The God Emperor of Rome is on superlative form. Again. All hail Caesar!

    Really, not got anything more intelligent than that to add.

  6. Hanna says:

    I don’t think it’s an age or experience thing with Amanda. I think she’s just generally intellectually incurious. That can be a permanent condition.

    I wonder if she ever thinks to herself how she got Pandagon in the first place? She didn’t build it herself. She didn’t build the following herself. Some guy gave it to her. I’m not saying there was a quid pro quo or anything, but I wonder if it ever occurred to her that maybe, just maybe, she didn’t win it because she was the sharpest spine on the long tail.

    But, I wish her well in life. I just wish she’d stop fucking over other people on her way to the big time. But, since that’s how she got to the big time in the first place, I don’t expect much.

  7. sybil disobedience says:

    I stopped reading anything she had to say after her bullshit on WOC and how her appropriation of their lives was just them being jealous.

    That and the asshole dude on there Jesse, he’s one fucking cockbib. Explain to me how I, a Native American Woman, can be racist against Obama simply because I noticed that previous to his run for Prez, his last give a shit vote for NA issues was 7 years ago.

    • Ren says:

      Oh, I do remember the WoC blow out, and her utter fail on that one. I rarely read that blog. Sometimes, however, things are pointed out to me and I cannot resist.

  8. Wow, that is some thread, which I totally missed (as usual) … thanks for linkage.

    Playboy likes Amanda? Huh? Whaaaa? Details sought please!

  9. Ernest Greene says:

    Well, I went over there and had my say, and the very next commenter called me a misogynist, even though she’d agreed with virtually every point I made in her own earlier comments.

    I really don’t know why I bother, other than the fact that if I don’t, people about whom I do care will have one less fighter in the ranks. And for all the yapping about how the pro-pornies run the world and get everything they want blahblahblah, I’ve been trying to get off the B.O.D. at AIM for about five years and it seems nobody can be found to step up and replace me.

    I wonder why that is. There must be some other qualified individual out there who delights in being called ugly names by mean-spirited strangers.

  10. octogalore says:

    Darn, you made me go back there for the first time in maybe six months!

    I had forgotten how that breezy, know-it-all style (only thinly veiling the underlying insecurity and lack of substance) aggravates the $%$& out of me.

    Did you notice how Amanda also rendered expert testimony on stripper compensation? Her verdict from on high was that only an 18-year-old would think that kind of money is a lot. I kind of though one had to have some, you know, background or expertise to do that…?

    Also, having known more than a few women without college degrees (and even an occasional old-lady 32-year-old attorney) who were making $250K annually without leaving the club , I have to kind of wonder how a blogger, even one with a book (sorta), can turn up her nose at that.

    On the other hand, what do I know. Maybe feminist (lite) blogging and writing is a cash cow. In that case, Amanda should be doling out Pandagon internships to these poor, starving strippers. But alas, that would be taking a concrete action, when it’s so much easier to simply posture.

    • Ren says:

      word. WORD WORD WORD.

      That is what bothers me most about Amanda’s writing, the smug know it all bullshit, hence the tone of my post. She is freakin’ legendary for it. Too bad, ahem…her style absolutely sucks and shows every insecurity she has.

  11. sybil disobedience says:

    There’s a great deal of “educated” elitism over there. If you’re not college educated, you’re too stupid to understand. And lowly non educated women just don’t count. Neither do non white women, even though some of us manage to get us some of that fancy white folk learnin. We’re like women in porn. We’re all so oppressed and degraded that anyone who isn’t living in a ghetto/bemoaning their career is a Pink Unicorn. And assuming that isn’t insulting AT ALL. Nooo. Nothing insulting in concern trolling. -eye roll-

    She’s a snobby little bitch, and yeah I said it. And yeah, I’m also a radical feminist who wishes a great deal of them would pull their heads out of their asses. I can smell it from here.

    • Ren says:

      see, they hate my guts…I am a college educated whore who also happens to be jewish and has about 10-15 years o’ livin on them. the classism and other isms are rampant, really.

      • octogalore says:

        And not to be a bitch (oh, who am I kidding), as resumes go, hers doesn’t really qualify her to be elitist. Most peple who do have such CVs would look at her academic/professional background the way she views that of the average (present company excluded) sex worker. That probably underlies the insecurity and the conseqent need to assert superiority.

  12. FW says:

    And certainly they still don’t see the connection between anti-porn / anti-whore ideology and anti-abortoin policy. Grrr. Yes, go ahead and raise hell about stupak – until women have sexual freedom they won’t have reproductive freedom.

    It’d be funny if it wasn’t so fucking dangerous.

  13. FW says:

    And ya know what really gets me ! Is that I – as a whore – have all the time in the world to learn. I read and read and read. All day every day. I only stop to write what I’ve learned or to give the occasional blow job.

    I dropped out of school, spent time in jail, became a whore, and all of that – every last little bit of it was done out of a desire to acquire true knowledge. It’s heartbreaking that those of us who have the knowledge of experience are so seldom heard.

    (also – I found a vid of Andrea Dworkin from 2002 talking about feminism, prostitution etc., I think you might a) become enraged; and b) enjoy it.)

  14. If she would just stick to subjects she knows, like dissecting Mad Men episodes, she might be a worthwhile writer. But once she gets out of her element – anything to do with sex work or class and racial politics, for example – it turns into a train wreck real fast.

    And I don’t know about the “young hipster” explanation for her writing – she’s 32, after all. If you have any intellectual chops at all, you should be showing it by that age.

    • Oh, goodness…..Amanda’s off the chain again??

      I thought that she would have quit after the POC feminists called her out over the book cover deal, or after she made her crack about how “naturally perky” women like her were superior to those with larger breasts (especially the artificially enhanced ones).

      And did you all notice how she has now stepped into the Carrie Prejean fracus with the brilliant view that the latter is a victim of “slut shaming” and even “sexual assault” because her photos and sex tapes were made to the public:


      Has anyone bothered to remind her that Miss Prejean is an antigay, antifeminist fundie who would put people IN JAIL for doing exactly what she did??

      But, hey….bashing men and women who like sex too much for their tastes make for strange bedfelows.


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