Cool & Uncool

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Cool- a bunch of your CoX friends who like a concept you used on a character who then all make up relatives of said character and thus, your solo style character suddenly has a family/crew.  Seeing as said character of mine was lvl 50, I then also get to make up a new character of the  same theme so we can all run together.  Awesome.  Heh, I made a dude this time though- and not a brute.  Holy crap!

Uncool-  Me, at the moment.  I have a fever.  Yuck.

  1. Dead_Vladimir says:

    not a brute/! you must be feverish!

  2. Hope you get well soon.

    I’ve been running around having some fun on CoX lately, is there going to be a GER gang, and if so how do we meet up? (Does it make a difference I’m UK-based?)

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