…and now, the villains!

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Gaming, Personal

…I just noticed all my villains from my main villain group are women…so then, the gals of the Wild Bunch…

I do so love villains!


Darwina Twitch  (no aka)… You ever imagine getting lost one night on the road, mayhaps in rural New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, or Georgia, or perhaps Idaho, and you end up in some trailer park full of scary red necks who have every weapon known to man, monster trucks, and you are pretty sure every third domicile is a meth lab?  Yeah, that is where Darwina is from.  She sets things on fire, goes after whomever happens to be standing there with an axe, and is generally high out of her mind.  A real charmer, really.  Fun to play because she is completely insane, and insane because her ideas of fun include axes…oh yeah, she is totally a brute.

okNext we have Obsidian McKnight (aka Vincenza McKnight)…(“You’re fruit salad, Vince, everyone knows it!”)  So, what does one do if they find the nice, pretty, life of a privileged girl growing up in Paragon City dreadfully boring?  But of course, they head over to the Rogue Isles and join the rank and file of Lord Recluse’s forces as a Spider Soldier!  You get to shoot people, and it will really piss mommy and daddy off!  Obsidian is fun to play because despite the cool armor and all, she really is sort of a flake/whiny rich girl.  To her,  what is on the outside is what counts…and on the outside, she is kind of scary!

rbRoxanne Black (aka Roxy) .  Ok, here she is, my villain who wears pretty much nothing!  She’s…heheheh…a corruptor. After playing countless female characters in tactical gear, suits, or dusters, I wanted to take advantage of the actually really sleazy costume options that they give you in CoX, and I figured what better character to do it on than a gal who just wanted to be a pop-diva and failed so she decided the world had to pay?  Roxy is not at all an up front kind of fighter, but her power sets make her very useful on teams (what can I say, she likes the group thing?)  Probably the “bitchiest” of my characters.

pdPhreak Drive (aka ???). The oldest of my villains and probably my favorite.  And no, you are not seeing that wrong, her skin is grey .In fact, most of the time the game looks to be all in color and she is in black and white.  What happens when you get a cyborg who is mad into voodoo? This character, that’s what.  Phreak has a sense of humor, but it is twisted, and I have been told there is just something about her that is highly “unsavory”.  She spends a lot of time staring at people, but once she gets going, she’s hard to stop.  She’s also rather short.  And a Brute. 

Oddly enough, I do have a couple male villains, but mostly I play women on the Villain side…hummm.

The villain group these gals are in was started by good old Vladimir, and the idea behind it is..well…we have seen just one too many Guy Ritchie films (if such things could ever actually happen!) 

And just because someone might wonder…with the exception of perhaps D-Day and Maverick Six…my villains could so kick most of my heroes asses.  Except maybe Obsidian, she’d worry about breaking a nail…even in the armor.

  1. there’s nothing unsavory about phreak!!
    Though now I feel I need to do a villain post to keep up with you.

    • Ren says:

      I think what makes Phreak unsettling (aside from the fact that she is grey and always appears to be in black and white in an otherwise “in color” world) is that unlike Darwina (or even Roxy) she is not “nuts”…well, and that whole she will carve people up for their spare parts thing. She’s just sort of beyond that whole human morality and emotion thing. If people feel like they need to shower after being on a team with Phreak, I have done my job playing her.

      I may at some point have to do the misc,. characters post- al and cel feel neglected lol.

  2. and next halloween I am going as Roxy
    (hmm or maybe it be better if you did)

  3. rootietoot says:

    Ok I played around and came up with 1 character so far. No name yet, but her battle cry is “Sit yer butt down NOW” I figure since it works on teens it will work on some 30 yr old with a cigar. She has a laser gaze, now I need to make it work when she looks over the top of her glasses. She has shit-kicker boots and a big ass, because I need to be able relate to a character. Anyway, I can totally see getting drawn into this, but haven’t decided if I’m going to pay $15/ mo for it.

    • Dead_Vladimir says:

      what arch type and on what server? (Pinnacle is the place for the drunks like me)

    • Ren says:

      LOL You are assuming Maverick would be sober enough to respond to a “sit yer butt down!” comment? Oh jeez!

      As stated above, VLadimir & I play mostly on pinnacle server, but have a few toons on (ahem) Virtue as well.

    • Dead_Vladimir says:

      you so have to make a villain on Pinnacle Rootie : )

  4. Dead_Vladimir says:

    also down the road sometime you’ll need to do a southern hostility post ; )

    • Ren says:

      hahah, i do like those villains…all the Southern Charm plus serious sadism.

      • Dead_Vladimir says:

        casual sadism is just wrong. I mean to hurt someoen without really meanign or caring about it, that’s just boorish and low class. If you are going to cruelly torture someone, you owe it to them to take it seriously, to treat it as your calling, else yo are just shortchanging them on the experience

  5. hmmm..I just noticed, you know you got your villians all shot in better lighting than your heroes except D, hmm foreshaodwing

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