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Posted: November 5, 2009 in Gaming, Personal

even if no one else gives a rats ass about these things…it’s my damn blog 🙂

Everyone, meet a few fine members of the Suicide Kings…who are my main Super Group in City of Heroes. 


First up is Shining Express (aka Malik Brown) who is a Kheldian Peace Bringer (alien) living in a symbiotic relationship with a human host (aka Malik).  He is one of my newer characters, and the first African-American male character I have made up.  Why purple dreads?  Because I liked them.  Malik’s history is that he was a high school biology teacher before he bonded with a Peace Bringer and started doing the hero gig.  He is supposed to be in his late 20’s.  He is by far the least hard-boiled of my Suicide King characters. 

He has cool glowy eyes when he is doing any sort of action, even just flying around.  Only one costume for him so far.



Next is Black Sunday (aka Joan Hoang).  Two sword mojo tank.  I created her because I got sick of playing non-tanks who ended up having to try and do the tank’s job.  She is supposed to be in her early 20’s and was sort of heading down the wrong path as it were when opportunity came knocking.   I like that she is a badass who wears glasses.   I am still getting used to playing her, but I dig her.

She is also one of the only ‘Kings who wears white at all even though it is one of the Super Group colors.



Next up is Maverick Six, (aka Erik Hoffman)who is currently one of my favorite hero characters to play.  He is a martial arts scrapper…and he has issues.  Okay, actually he has so many issues he is in danger of having the full series soon.  His resemblance to the Comedian costume wise is not incidental.  Mav’s deal is he- now in his mid 30’s- used to be a mixed martial arts prodigy but then got too into the partying and all and ended up attempting to kill his liver in some dive somewhere when someone came along and gave him an opportunity to make things right or at least do some good to the world.  Oddly enough, when playing Mav- he does not say much- yet I still end up getting hit on by female toons a lot….


And last but certainly not least is D-Day (aka classified)- the Cyborg who started it all.  She is one of my oldest characters and still to date one of my favorites.  Um…she shoots things.  A lot.  She is supposed to be in her early 40’s or so, a bit of a right winger in her politics, and used to be a part of Crey Industries (baddies from the game) but decided that the stuff they were doing was just flat out wrong so she left and started a hero group.  Some people (looks at Vladimir) are convinced that D-Day is totally not a hero at all and would go dark side in less than a second.  She, however, is not talking. 

The name of the Super Group I stole from the movie of the same title, because I liked it a lot.  Plus the whole gang (there are other people’s characters in the SG, I just posted mine) are not afraid of debt in game (which is what you get when you die) and roll- well- in a slightly suicidal fashion.  I picked the Jolly Roger as their logo (as seen on Black Sunday’s costume).   There is also a paramilitary theme going on with their look and fans of military history might have noted a theme with some of their names. 

And like I do with anything where I am creating a character- all of them have histories and very distinct personalities and all that.  Shining Express is very mellow and go with the flow, Black Sunday is very serious but has a rather caustic sense of humor.  Maverick is curmudgeonly and rather solemn, except when he is not…and D-Day is all business. 

And if there is one thing I love about this game, it is the level of customization you have when making your characters.  Shining Express has totally different facial features than Maverick- he is not just a white guy with brown skin.  Black Sunday is supposed to be half Asian and I could make her look that way…she is also a lot more curvy than D-Day is…taller too.  Mav has scars.  And a cigar.  And is more muscular than Shiny.  They all have different faces, builds, skin tones, hair styles.  Very cool stuff…one of the best things about the game really IMHO.

And look, the women are wearing clothes!  Hah.  If I do my favorite villains from the villain group…well, at least one of those gals wears much less. 


  1. why am I being singled out? I mean everyone knows it. I was just not afraid to say it.

    • Ren says:

      LOL I know, it was all those Imperious Task Forces with D-Day and…five to seven villains on a team.

      We still need to do that with D-Day and that crazy gun-freak Irishman with the questionable hairstyles.

      • Vladimir says:

        ahem if D-Day was on the team it was 6-8 villians

        -and it wasn;t the company she keeps, I think it was the way she goes all Sasha on surrending criminals

        as for the Hibernian, he’s resting up for his planned St. PAtrick’s Day Massacre

        you really need to do a post on Poor Vaughn’s confusing love life

  2. rootietoot says:

    So, I’m thinking Maverick is who you’d be if you were a dude, and D-day is who you’d be if you had unlimited resources and an unscrupulous doctor willing to implant you with things more technical than boobs.

    It’s probably a very good thing I’m not into the online games, as I’d probably spend all day making up alter egos. Then I’d play what I know: a zaftig housewife in a bathrobe carrying a .44 magnum and a cast iron skillet.

    Man that looks like fun.

  3. “There is also a paramilitary theme going on with their look and fans of military history might have noted a theme with some of their names.”

    I did notice that – you mentioned about “Shining Express” before, so I remembered that one, and of course D-Day. “Black Sunday” is only familiar to me from the novel by Thomas Harris (made into a movie in 1977) – which may or may not be the reference, but it seems like the sort of thing you might do.

    I love the idea of creating loads of characters (heck, Asira from the “Cyborg Sleeps” story would be a great one to do), I think I’m going to go over to the free trial and get myself up on it. Bye-bye free time!

    • Ren says:

      Yeah, black sunday’s name is from the book/movie. observant of you!

    • Ren says:

      Oh, they also have a ton of leather outfits, SE. Heh.

      • Hehe – although I do like the look of leather, I’m not sure it’s something I’d choose a lot of the time. I think Asira’s outfit of choice would probably be something like Ellen Ripley’s outfits from the Alien movies.

        Anyway, as soon as I manage to make it work (my Mac apparently isn’t up the system requirements, but I’m hoping my netbook will be able to run the Windows version without too much trouble since it’s handled other online games okay) I’m looking forward to mucking about with character creation and all that good stuff!

  4. rootietoot says:

    downloading. Do they have a bathrobe option? I like the idea of incongruity, of looking innocuous and yet being able to kick the stew out of someone.

  5. rootietoot says:

    “I would not want his liver,”

    With all the RedBull you drink, I bet your kidneys trump his liver, hands down.

  6. Hanna says:

    Getting ready for Going Rogue, I see. 🙂

    Had to stop playing due to health and money issues. Thanks again (again) for helping me get re-involved with the game. It helped me out a lot while it helped, and I met some great folks in that supergroup that I think will end up being long-time friends.

    Keep having fun please. 🙂

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