Jesus F@%king Christ…

Posted: November 4, 2009 in WTF???

IF you are going to attempt to make me sound like a fucking rapist because A) you have willfully altered what I’ve actually said, B) are too fucking stupid to actually understand what I’ve said or C) Have not actually read what I have said…at least then have the fucking stones to publish my reply comment where your fucked up assumptions about what you think I have said are negated and your wrong take on them is clarified.

What the fuck is wrong with you?  For someone with a handle like “FactCheckMe” you could stand to do a whole hell of a lot more of that yourself, you freakin’ imperious and patronizing  idiot!

  1. why do you even bother talking to these people?

  2. rootietoot says:

    if you didn’t read them you wouldn’t know, and could find something else (that perhaps you could actually affect!) to get in a lather about.

  3. I have to side with Rottie here, you are just yelling at the stoens for lal the good it will do you, and everythign you say will be discounted, twisted etc

    They need your oppositon to feed their little circle jerk of empowerment and persecution

    break the cylce and step off the carousel

    you have better things to do

  4. Roy Kay says:

    >have the fucking stones to publish my reply comment where your fucked up assumptions about what you think I have said are negated and your wrong take on them is clarified.

    >What the fuck is wrong with you? For someone with a handle like “FactCheckMe” you could stand to do a whole hell of a lot more of that yourself, you freakin’ imperious and patronizing idiot!

    “FactCheckMe” is simply a name, and selected for the same reason all political factions select a name – to obfusticate. Around here, we are crawling with “Ohioans for Jobs and Progress” committees in support of any and every issue, no matter what it is. It’s just basic politics – 50% lies, 50% rage, with just a dash of some ground traditional cultural touchstone.

    Since “rape” is the coin of the realm, I think it is best to generalize the concept to include violence, including state violence, that prevents consensual sex as well as force non-consensual sex. In this regard, I see “FactCheckMe” as a rapist. One thing they try to ignore is that the state is the leading agent for violence in society, and I think it is wise to call attention to that – and not let them get away with saying “It’s okay. We’re trying to PREVENT sex.”

  5. I read that comment and the comment underneath, and I think only a rapid deployment of many graphite rods prevented total meltdown in my brain (figuratively speaking – graphite rods may be understood either as a reference to nuclear reactors or to jabbing myself repeatedly with a pencil).

    Those people are very very bad for my mental health.

    • rootietoot says:

      totally agree. I read on with the comments, and became amused that “tearing a new one” is considered rape language and part of male privilege. I use the term frequently, and have never (that I am aware of) been a man. I guess you learn something new every day. Oh, I use it on my older male children, does that make it ok? (older=21,19,18…they know what I mean when I say it)

      I read those people only when a good laugh is needed, and Carol Burnett isn’t in the Netflix queu.

  6. Ernest Greene says:

    I’m starting believe, as I used to, that anyone from our side who answers these cranks may just be supplying them with ammunition and bumping up their Alexa ratings in the process.

    I think it’s courageous to confront them, as you do Ren, but other than the valuable intelligence you bring back about their latest idiocies (such as trying to lay the ground work for rape prosecutions of all pornographers based on a misreading of civil contract law no lawyer would ever make), I’m not sure where any of it leads.

    If I wanted a rumble I could always go over to Shelley Lubben’s popsicle stand and say just about anything, but I picture her lighting up with glee at the prospect of getting a shot at me, and giving her pals the opportunity to join in, and I don’t think that’s the most effective way I can thwart their agenda.

    I don’t presume to give advice to anyone else, but for myself, I’d rather talk to those who actually want to hear what I have to say, as opposed to using it as ammo against everything I believe, and speak about the others rather than to them.

    My most effective counter to their lies and bullshit is to go right on doing what I do, as I have for years, with complete disregard for whatever they have to say, and invest my energies in protecting my freedom to work and that of my friends from bad public policy decisions made under the influence of ignorant crackpots.

    What I’ve learned from my attempts to communicate with antis of any stripe is that they all have a single thing in common – a complete lack of interest in any fact that contradicts the fertilizer they spread.

    They can’t handle the truth, so they mishandle it.

    I think I’d rather just go merrily on burying the world in porn and ridiculing these fools in front of the large, friendly audiences Nina and I draw everywhere we go.

    We really have more friends than enemies out there, so I don’t care to inflate the self-importance of my enemies by treating them as if I thought their ideas deserved my direct attention.

    No dialog is possible and I’m not down for trying to start any ever again.

    I will, however, continue to debunk their crap for the benefit of those who might wonder if some if has merit. There is a bit of useful work to be done there, although not much of that.

    Anyone who can even entertain the idea that lawfully made pornography is somehow legally equivalent to rape is just flat too stupid to be worthy of a reasoned response.

    But I do love the way you smack the hornet’s nest. The sound of all that angry buzing is music to my ears. Personally, I just don’t care to get stung yet again.

    • xena says:

      GIRLIE SQUEAL!!! OOOOO!! I love Nina! I’d turn gay for a day for her!

      Silly me. I had no idea you were that Ernest Greene. Cool. I must try harder to make it to one of the next feminist events Ren posts about. I might get to meet some truly cool people 🙂

      • What is this…rediscover old post thread day??? LOL

        When this came up in my email (I have new comment notification) I really did think that Xena was responding to something that Ernest had posted today. It wasn’t until I saw the date on Ernest’s original comment that I realized that this was a dated thread.

        Nice to see other people discovering his talent for the written word.

        Oh..and Happy Birthday, Nina!!!!


      • xena says:

        For what it’s worth, fcm has been dropped from a number of feminist blogrolls since she published this transphobic crap. I found her blog about this time, 2 1/2 years ago, and gave it my usual Jackass treatment. Whether it’s on the internet or on the tv, if I click the remote/mouse and find the antics of an idiot, the person has about 10 seconds to impress me before I change the channel. I didn’t bother with fcm again until just now.

        Her blog’s still up, but about half a dozen people I know about have stopped advertising for her. I’m sure the list will continue to grow. I have no time for idiots like that. Most people don’t.

  7. rootietoot says:

    “But I do love the way you smack the hornet’s nest.”
    What a great line! and I love to stand behind the screen door and watch. But Ren, how often do you have to get stung before you get weary of it? Not that it’s my business, but sometimes I wonder.

  8. Ren says:

    @ everyone:

    I suppose the reason I bother with it at all is because while a great many things in life do not shock or stun me, the absolute shit, lies, and twisted misinformation that comes out of the mouths of some of these people absolutely does. And the fact that other people buy it equally stuns me. It truly fucking amazes me with how pathetic it is and what a fucking joke these people are.

    I mean really- this stupid fucking meatsack could have accused me of a lot of things that would have some basis in reality: violent, misanthropic, an asshole, whatever…but seeing as I have never raped anyone nor allowed anyone to be raped when there was something I could do to stop it or in my presence calling me or likening me to a rapist is way over the fucking line. The second I do rape someone then I am a rapist. If I never do that, well then gee, I am not a rapist. If people want to jump on me for shit I have actually done- fine. But making shit up, blatantly lying, then refusing to correct oneself and actually putting the truth out there? Yep- it sure as hell pisses me off.

    This fucking bitch -and yep, that’s exactly what I think of her- is like a sleazy tabloid reporter and a raging fundie all rolled into one. She wouldn’t know fact if it walked up and bit her in the ass…and she and the rest of the heads in the sand crew are so full of shit I am stunned they do not have flies buzzing over their heads.

    There version of “valiant activism” is like a corpse in a prom dress. From far away it may look okay, but up close it still stinks. And their claims that they oh so care about all women is just as rotten and smelly.

    If I still had the tag “people who can suck my strap on in hell” this bullshit would be under it.

    This asshat makes sleazy politicians look good, and nah, that ain’t a compliment.

    • but they just preach to the converted here, their little circle of elect. I doubt they make any inroads with people.

      ANd yes, hey she called my friend (you) some nasty things and that upsets me, and well sh’s lower than the scum you scrape off youe shoe, it’s not worth it to bother with them. these little cults, and that is what it isa cult of radfem personality, need the outside opposition to exist, else they just end up turning their hate inwards and devouring themselves. Becasue that’s what they are hate mongers. Oh some people with concerns about porn and gender equality etc are not, but this little internet sewing cirlce from hell, that’s what they are.

  9. Oh, Good Lord…..this fool makes Maggie Hays look sane.

    Did Orly Taitz get cloned all of a sudden and rename herself FactCheckMe???

    Unlike Ernest, who for pretty damn sound reasons stays away from such nonsense, I usually respond to stink bombs like that with a bigger, more potent, and more deadly nuke, since I really don’t have any profits to lose, and don’t really give a damn about how they react anymore. Hell, my blog’s already been hacked TWICE, so what else could happen??

    But…out of respect for Ren and Rottie and all the rest here, i’ll keep my powder dry for now over here, and save it for the SmackChron.

    All I’ll say for now is this: A contract or model release for a porn shoot is designed NOT to control how the woman (or man…because remember, the dicks in the film have to sign similar contracts too) does her scene; it is designed primarily to GET THEM PAID. Or, would FactCheckMe rather that men and women who don’t pay each other to engage in sex be forced to sign contracts before they decided to hit the hay??

    Oh…and what do you do about women who masturbate, FCM?? Should they be required to have legally sanctioned contracts with…..themselves??? After all, they certainly must have to coerce themselves to place their hands between their legs and tickle their clits, now do they??

    No wonder she wants to “spam” her critics. Tool. And not the shapest kind, either.


  10. Oh, and one more thing, FCM:

    “Tearing her a new one” is not a physical threat; it is a metaphor for totally demolishing a stupid comment. Considering that FCM, in addition to being suclh a lively antisex bigot and misanderist, also happened to bash Genderbitch as a MTF transgendered person and use her former gender as a means of slandering her at the expense of her points; I’d say that she is more than justified in her anger….and, she is perfectly justified in using her own damn blog to respond. Tough for you, FCM, but deal with it; you don’t own the Internet.


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