Getting a grip…

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Blogging, Humans, Personal

So yeah, when I started here I wanted to start fresh as it were.  Wash clean some of the old bullshit and all that.  And it’s funny, just when I think I got out, they pull me back in.   I have had some rage at some anti porn types here lately: one who likened the making of porn to the holocaust, and one who more or less called me a rapist.  And sure enough- y’all are right.  Nothing I say will change these peoples minds or make them stop lying.  Nothing.  But for as stupid and pathetic and loathsome I find these people and their actions, for as much as I think they are a bunch of patronizing, moralizing walking punchlines…the shit they say still pisses me off, and the fact that they are such cowardly, craven liars who refuse to ever own up still pisses me off.  I do not get how people can behave like that and still think they are the “righteous” ones.  Then again, I have no desire to be a martyr for some twisted bullshit cause and apparently they do.  Hey, zealots will do and say anything for their cause after all, right?  Even if it is complete shit.

That being the case, I think I am going to work on getting a handle on all this.  If these fucking asshat morons want me to be their boogyman-fine.  Nothing I can do about that except perhaps be a better one.  Hell, I know the truth.  Anyone who actually knows me or who has ever worked with me knows the truth.  And the actual truth does not match up at all with their bullshit- and that is what matters. 

Now, I am not going to get all New York Sports Fan (heh) and proclaim these idiots are Dead to Me… but I will give a go at pretending their lies and bullshit (by extension them, because that is all they are) do not exist.

As for now- I am going to shower, marvel at the wonders that are my fake boobies, eat dinner, then play City of Villains…which are far more pleasant things than dealing with these morons.   


  1. enjoy the CoV and Boobies

  2. rootietoot says:

    i’m going to eat a steak. Enjoy your boobies. I think ignoring them is the finest slap in the face you could give, because you make them unimportant.

  3. rachel cervantes says:

    Your boobies are fake? Huh.

  4. Caroline says:

    You won’t change the minds of the people you’re engaging with, that’s almost a cert, but there’s an awful lot of silent readers out there taking it all in. You may change their minds. Remember the email I got that I showed you? It does happen.

    Yay for fake ones!

  5. Susan says:

    I haven’t come to Ren’s site in a while since she changed it. But I thought I’d come to tell everyone (even if they know), that indoor prostitution in Rhode Island is now effectively re-criminalized.

    Ren’s specialties in sex work are stripping and porn, but my interest has always been in straight-up prostitution, because that’s the type that authority wants to control most of all. But I simply cannot understand why Rhode Island eliminated a great portion of their tourist dollars. It boggles the mind.

    I am not really happy about it at all, and we have Dingbat Donna Hughes to thank for it.

  6. FW says:

    I second what Caroline says. It’s damn near impossible to change some people’s minds, and for your own sake it’s more worthwhile to remember the people who read and lurk who haven’t made up thier minds yet. Convince enough of the unconvinced so that laws can be changed.

  7. I’m with Caroline, too….yeah, it’s absolutely frustrating to attempt to knock some sense into these…….women, especially when they project all their neuroses and myopias onto you. But, nothing exposes rats and vampires quite like sunshine and exposure, and at least by forcing them to come out and show their ignorance and hypocrisy and outright lunacy, it makes it a lot easier for those who might be on the fence to see the light of our side. All we all can do is to smirk and laugh out loud at their Dwama Queen antics, and erect the emotional firewall to bllock their flaming shitbombs.

    And maybe, once in a while, throw some haymakers of truth at ’em.

    Like my old school Softcore Goddess Shauna O’Brien used to say: “When someone annoys you, annoy them back.” To which I add, “Then drop their carcASS in the street and don’t look back.”

    BTW…sorry to see what happened in Rhode Island with the recriminalization of sex work. Between that and the Maine vote to overturn the gay marriage law, it certainly looks like New England’s becoming as sexually reactionary as the rest of the Red Nation (the defeat of Hoffman in the NY-23 House race aside).

    Oh…and welcome back to the Intertoobs, Caroline….it’s been a while. Your wit has been missed.


  8. Jeremy says:

    Did you ever hear the old saying “When you have the facts bang the facts, and when you don’t bang the table.” It is clear to me who is stating the facts and who is banging on the table. (yes, I remember this thread is about porn.)

  9. Gaina says:

    You’re right. Your energy is far more productively channelled when ignoring these sad specimens and concentrating instead in delivering YOUR TRUTH to intelligent people who are actually interested in challenging their own thoughts or just having more information on your industry.

    The (un)happy band of campers over there seem like such narrow gaggle of particularly mentally unwell people that I think are simple ‘preaching to a very small number of converted’ and the majority of intelligent folks wouldn’t actually be sucked in by their nonsense.

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